Don’t Panic

Bart Stupak is a traitor to the American people.  For weeks he swore he would vote NO.  A $700k bribe was given and he changed to yes.

It’s easy to panic when we look at the enormous amounts of money this Health Bill will cost and the extra burden on doctors. The numbers range between 20 and 30 million new people who will be given free health care.  I was talking with my doctor and he said he is already working at his limit.  He allocates 20 minutes per patient. He told me when the new people hit his office he will do good to have 5 minutes per person. He was really stressed.

The number of new Medicare and Medicaid patients that will be dumped on states will be a financial burden most cannot afford.  13 states have sued and when it’s all said and done that number will grow to 35 to 37 states.  The uninsured will simply be added to those two policies.  Even the Democrat Attorney General in Louisiana joined the fight. His state is hanging on by a thread and cannot afford to pay for all the extra people.  I think the courts will rule the health bill unconstitutional, but they may not.

If they don’t then we must do all in our power to elect constitutional conservatives this November. We need to win back the House for this reason.  In January 2011 we can vote to cut off funding of this massive socialist take over of health care. Right now I think it’s possible we can win both the House and Senate.  This has to be your number one goal. Give like you have never given before, work harder and smarter than you ever have.  It’s imperative we don’t get distracted chasing rabbits.  The November vote is what really counts.  It doesn’t matter what the Court does if we hold the majority, we simply cut off the funding.  This is a real possibility, if we don’t get discouraged and lose focus.  Fix November like a laser in your sights.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I do need to mention for this to be complete we have to vote out the most liberal, radical president in the history of our great country. With a conservative president, we can repeal this mess and begin working on a reasonable health bill.  It’s like a football game.  You want to score early in the game and put the pressure on the other side.  Then when the fourth quarter comes you suck it up and take victory home.  When we win in November then our job of helping Mr. Obama become a one term president will be a lot easier.

Stop all that talk of a third-party and for God’s sake stop the foolish idea of an armed revolt.  At least 8 people have sent me an image of a billboard advocating war.  We cannot win a war and thousand of citizens will end up dead or in jail. Our victory has to come at the voting booth.  It’s frankly stupid to talk about taking up arms against the government. I want no part of that kind of talk. That was the climate when Tim McViegh blew up the Oklahoma City Federal Building.  Think voting this November, that has to be your main goal or else we will see health care as we know it vanish and services cut back.  You hold the power to make a real change. It’s your choice, sit and complain or get to work and elect some good folks.


A great many people who voted for Obama are now wishing they hadn’t. Are you one?


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