It’s Called FEAR!!!

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

I may miss the exact breakdown, but in recent polls people were asked if they think America will fail.  If we will go bankrupt.  They are seeing a once booming economy in California having to give IOUs to its government workers.  People who  file their state income tax will not be getting their refund (over payment) for months. California is on the verge of collapsing and 79% of the American people believe the entire country is in about the same shape.  If my memory is correct the Democrats voted 74% that they thought we are going under.  Independents 80% and Republicans 81%.   People are scared.  I’ve never seen a nation in such a disarray. According to The Harris Poll almost 25% of Republicans think Obama is the Anti-Christ.  I’ve explained in several of my blogs that’s impossible, he may be anti Christ but he is not the evil anti-Christ.   67% think Obama is a socialist…me included. 57% think he is Muslim. This I’m not sure of.  I do know he is in concert with the Muslims over the Jews. He proved that this week.  Without question he is the biggest spender in the world. No one is a close second.

Rep John Boehner said, “The health care bill will ruin our country.” I’m afraid he is right.

I mentioned that the AG of Louisiana is joining 14 states in the fight to prove the new health care bill is not legal.  The bill cannot mandate to states that their people must buy insurance. A reader said Louisiana should not be concerned, they are getting $300 million.  According to the Democrat Attorney General from Louisiana the new health care bill will burden his state with billions in extra Medicare and Medicaid payments.  Most of the 32 million people being added to the rolls will be put on Medicare or Medicaid. The states pay for those programs.  The Fed will get the funding going and then dump the mess on the states.

Our governor Rick Perry was criticized for not taking a bunch of pork spending from the TARP bill.  He knew after two years the state would have to start picking up the tab. Next year Texas will be facing a $11 Billion short fall in the budget.  Many of you many not know, but we Texan’s don’t pay a state income tax and the state is business friendly.  In New York it takes three or four months of red tape to open a business. Down here in Texas, one day.  That’s why 40% of all small businesses in 2009 were started in Texas.

According to Bloomberg the United States is about to lose its AAA bond rating. We would be the first major country to lose such a rating and if that happens our interest on those bonds will go out of sight.  Is it any wonder people fear the total failure of our country?  The Obama health bill is said to be $950 billion, but they are leaving out at least $250 billion for the Doc Fix and some slight of hand accounting on Medicare.  The bill is closer to $2.5 Trillion which is being dumped on the biggest deficit in the history of the world.  Our young president only knows how to spend. He doesn’t understand how to make jobs other than add to the government payroll and pay those folks about 30% more than the rest of us make.

Count me as one who is frightened.  Unless the spending is curbed we will go under.  Not guessing, that’s a fact.  If I kept borrowing on this ranch and was not increasing my earning power I would go under.  The country is just one big ranch.  Next comes amnesty for extra voters and also an additional burden to the health care system. Then cap-and-trade which is a mammoth tax scam.  Finally they will go for a VAT (Value Added Tax).  OUR ONLY HOPE is a change of power in Washington.  We must be victorious in November so we can cut off funding for these entitlement programs.  No one is entitled to health care.  It’s up to us to take care of ourselves. The ERs are packed with illegal aliens. It’s time we arrested those who come in the ER when they are not here legally and deport them.  I hang my hopes on getting rid of the big spenders and stop the bleeding.  My fear is as real as yours. I plan to remain focused and elect people who don’t want to turn us into a welfare state.  email:

Answer this question. Where was the liberal press when these signs were being posted?  Bush’s head cut off and the other to bomb his house.


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