What’s Obama Done For Us?

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

It got pretty warm yesterday.  Full sun and 80 degrees, which is a tad hot when you are riding a big tractor. I’m planting some sorghum, the rains were too frequent for me to get all of my corn in the ground.  I was listening to the roar of the tractor and the rattle of the planter, allowing my mind to run.  I got to thinking, what has president Obama done for the country since he was elected?  The first thing that impacted me was the price of gas. Under Mr.Obama’s watch gasoline has risen $1.00 a gallon.  If you drive a Smart Car or Prius then you probably don’t notice the extra, but folks like me who use a lot of gas the 35% increase is felt.  Bumping along I remembered the president saying we needed a cap on gas at $7.00 a gallon. If gas was $4.00 a gallon then the Feds would drop on another $3.00 to bring it up to $7.00.   If gas was $5.00 a gallon then the Fed would only add $2.00.  Seems a Harvard study came up with the idea of $7.00 a gallon gas. This would stop people from driving and save the planet.  It’s part of the global warming scam.  It is a scam, Russia had the coldest winter in 30 years. 7 people have been killed from ice falling off roofs.  Unless we are successful this November we will see $7.00 a gallon gas, Obama’s gift to us.

The country is more divided than I can remember. During Vietnam we had a lot of college kids and liberals protesting the war, but there was not the vitriolic hate we see now on both sides. Back then it was a one-sided thing.  Congress squabbled, but today there is all out war in the House and Senate.  Mr. Obama has succeeded in dividing America.  I have come to the conclusion it will take years for our nation to heal.  He had been successful in bringing back the race issue.

The Democrat bunch that taunted the Tea Party protesters by marching across the street and through the crowd is telling a bunch of lies.  They are saying Tea Party People spat on them and called the black Representatives the N word.  What they didn’t know is dozens of videos were being made and not one of them shows any one spitting on a black Congressman or anyone.  No sounds were found with people making racial slurs.  This entire thing is manufactured by the Democrats to make the Tea Party people look bad. Nothing Happened.

What has Obama done?  He has taken over banks, insurance, some car companies, health care and now student loans.  When the Democrats added the student loans to the health bill they took away about 30,000 private jobs and turned them into government jobs.  Banks can no longer give Pell Grants.  Now that belongs to the government, where they will charge students 6.5% interest on money the government pays 2% for.  The government will earn 4.5% interest off students trying to go to college.

What has Obama done for us?  Increased the number of government workers and is getting ready to stop delivering mail on Saturdays.  I can’t think of a positive thing he has done for America.  He just insulted Israel, our best friend in the Middle East. He has decided to go soft on Iran. He caved to Russia’s missile demands.  The world sees him as a wimp and no longer fear the United States.  November can’t get here fast enough for me.   If you love America you will get involved in electing constitutional conservatives to Washington in November.

email:  willcooper@senkarik.com

Obama’s new health care enforcers. You buy government care of these guys will knock on your door.


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