I’m a Traveling Man

President Bush speaking to grade school kids. No teleprompter.  See image at the bottom.

I Drove five of my horses to a buyer south of San Angelo. That smooth talking dude stole my horses from me.  In fact his offer was much nicer than I had been willing to sell them for.  I make a policy to never correct a horse buyer when he wants to spend a little extra to own your animals.  The round trip was about 700 miles. I didn’t check the mileage before I left.  It was nice to see the horses sell, but there was something sweeter.  The buyer has a friend in the Oil and Gas business in Midland-Odessa.  When I say he is flush, I mean flush.  He just purchased a new company jet, because the old one had to stop in LA on the way to Hawaii.  His wife didn’t like spending the extra time filling up with gas in LAX.

The rich guy flew down to meet me. Seems my buyer had been telling him about my art. The Oilman talked with me about doing him three large paintings.  I quoted him $7,500 for a 30″x40″ and $12,000 for a 36″x48″.  He didn’t bat an eye.  He gave me his email address and phone number. He wants me to do him some sketches for his approval.  I guess if it comes down to me doing his work or selling a nice painting on eBay for under $200, he wins.  My mama didn’t raise a fool.

I’ll keep you posted.

Also I wanted you to know the Harry Reid plant who was running on the Tea Party ticket will be arrested Monday.  Seems he wrote some hot checks and it looks like he waited a day too late to switch from Democrat to Republican. He switched March 2nd and the deadline was March 1st.  So much for one of Harry’s dirty tricks.  I have no doubt the guy was being backed by the Democrat bunch to split off a few Tea Party votes from the Republican candidate.  I believe God has His hand in helping us clean house in November.

The Oilman and the guy I sold the horses to are conservative to the core.  I started it by mentioning Sarah was speaking in Searchlight today and they took over the conversation.

It’s late and I’m really tired.  I need to eat and shower or do I need to shower and then eat?

Email: willcooper@senkarik.com

President Obama doesn’t dare risk speaking without his teleprompters at a grade school


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