Christian Militia

The Feds decided to make a show of power this weekend by storming some mobile homes in Michigan, Illinois and Ohio.  They arrested nine Christian Militia members for firearms violations. I don’t know the real story and I doubt if we ever will. We are told the group made anti-Muslim statements or hate talk.  The Feds have a way of slanting things their way. Evidently these nine men were playing Army in the woods and owned several guns.  I didn’t know there was a law on the limit of guns a person can own as long as the firearms are legal.  The Feds found twelve guns in one mobile home and arrested the owner. I noticed all the stories spun by the Feds had two things in common, TRAILER HOUSES and CHRISTIAN MILITIA. The Feds make it sound sinister if you live in a trailer house and if you are Christian.  What galled me is they could have said mobile homes and there is no need to slam Christianity.  I suspect a lot of rapists and bank robbers are Christian.  Stories don’t say Christian Rapist or Christian Bank Robber. I think right-wing militia would have made the point. What about the truth?  A bunch of men were dressing up and shooting guns in the woods and waiting for Christ to return.

Make no mistake, this is just the beginning of arrests of right-wing Christian people who are angry at the government.  We will see a show of force to quell any who might say the wrong thing.  If you say negative things about Muslims it’s a hate crime in Canada. Ann Coulter discovered that this past week.  Eight of you have sent me an image of a big billboard that says, “Get Ready for War.”  Or something similar.  I can’t remember anything but the war part. I have said this is stupid. We cannot go to war in a military sense.  At each of the raids there were close to seventy Federal Agents to arrest one man.  The moment we started organizing an army the Federal agents would come out in force like we have never seen and crush us.  This is not 1776 where the militia were as well-armed as the British soldiers.  For us to fight the American Military would be like a sixth grade football team playing the Dallas Cowboys.  The small children would be killed in the stampede, trampled to death. So would we if we went to a gun shooting war.

If you want to fight then do it in the voting booth.  We have as much power as we need to take our country back one vote at a time.  Don’t send me stuff that talks about going to physical battle against the Federal Army.  I may be an old country boy but I’m not that stupid.  Let me give you a tip. The next time you get one of those emails that advocates getting your guns, delete it and write the person who sent you the stupid message and tell them you don’t believe in that radical talk.

One final thought.  Why have none of the Muslim militia training in Northern Virginia been arrested?  They train in Virginia and then go overseas to kill Americans. They are also being taught radical Islam so when they get to Yemen and Pakistan they are easy to train to be human sacrifices. This weekend Russia had two female bombers blow themselves up and killed several dozen people.  I’d like to see the Feds go after the real problem; the radical Muslims instead of a few Christians playing war.  You never hear of a Christian militiaman strapping bombs on their bodies and killing women and children.  Tim McVeigh was not a suicide bomber.  America will be hit hard before the year is over.  The Muslims have tried, but blundered.  The Diaper bomber failed to light his bomb.  One guy and his buddies were going to bomb 14 locations in the busy NY Subway but the leader got caught driving erratically, the cops did a background check after finding stuff in his trunk.  The smart people say a minimum of 40,000 people would have been killed had they been successful.  Next time we may not be as lucky.

I know this is a long blog, but I simply have to tell you about the two radical global warmists who were found frozen to death in Antarctic.  They went down there to prove the ice is thinning.  I feel sad for their families. One guy’s wife thought when he said Chile he was talking about food.  And these are the people who want to tell us how to live our lives?  It’s been so cold this year Germany is calling off the dogs on global warming.



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