I cannot send emails. I spent a long time on the phone with the internet geeks trying to get them to go. When the wind blows I have trouble sending emails. When it rains I have trouble sending emails. When the moon is bright I have trouble sending emails and when the sun is high I have trouble sending emails.  I’m stuck with this service. You city folks have DSL and stuff like that, but not us poor country slobs. In short I can’t answer your emails.

This is my 300th blog without missing a day. Maybe I’m the insane one for spending so much time writing blogs that have yet to get over 500 readers a day. 490 is not 500.  But I made a promise and my word is my bond. I’ll keep blogging until we win back our country and find a way to keep it safe.

We now know the 9 Christian Militia that were recently arrested was a show of force. These men were talking trash but experts think that was all they would have done.  One of the nine arrested was a FBI plant.  He had gotten in tight with the militia and coaxed them into making stupid statements.  The FBI guy got them to say what he needed on tape and then turned the information in. I think it’s insanity to think you can build a military of citizens to fight the anti-Christ, but this seems to have been their goal.

More insane is the two college students from Rutgers who went to Mexico for Spring Break. I don’t know about the northern papers, but the border states ran front page stories warning spring breakers not to go to Mexico.  Two best friend from Rutgers went to Cancun.  One of the boys decided to sleep on the lounge chairs by the pool.  A pack of Mexican thugs beat him almost to death. He is a limp rag now and hope for his recovery is slim.

This weekend in Juarez ten young kids were in the back of a pick up truck when some drug cartel thugs saw them.  All ten were shot to death. These were innocent kids with no malice in their hearts.  Mexico is the most dangerous place in the world.  Twenty one people were killed Saturday along the border.

I received a message defending the government take over of school loans, implying they would do a better job than the banks.  When has the government ever done a better job than the private sector?  The US Post Office has to send their important mail via Fedex to be assured it will arrive on time. By this time next year we won’t be getting Saturday delivery.

My main concern with the stealth way the government grabbed student loans is it cost 32,000 private jobs. I think the American people are tired of the government taking control of much of our lives.  There is a ground swell of anger and fear like I’ve never seen. The guy I sold my horses to had a new Toyota pickup truck.  He told me he looked at a Chevy, but didn’t want to buy from Government Motors.

The thing that keeps me driving forward is the hope we can clean out the liberals this November and cut off funding for Obama Care.  I  mailed a check to Michel Faulkner for Congress.  He is running against Charlie Rangel. Faulkner played football for the NY Jets, went to school at Liberty College and is a Baptist Minister.  We need to help this young man replace the crook Rangel.     November is our goal.  email:


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