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Glenn Beck for President???

April 30, 2010

First I want to thank my several Arizona collectors for your information and support. Hearing from you means a lot to me.  We who love this country are disgusted with the way the left is making you the bad guys and forcing some to cancel reservations to stay at resorts in your great state. They want to choke your ability to earn money.  I hope the left gets a backwash for their evil deeds. God Bless Arizona for taking a stand. Too bad Texas will not follow.

I’m not a full-time Glenn Beck listener. From time to time I catch him on the radio for brief spurts. I do TIVO his television program and by and large he is pretty good on the tube, but he sucks on the radio. He gets too silly for me. There is a fine line between being silly and satirical. Rush is the master of satire humor. Rush is cleaver and Beck gets too goofy. It’s okay to have someone like Beck on radio and television, but I don’t want another divider to lead our great country.

A faithful reader asked me to comment on Glenn Beck and what I thought he was up to bashing all Republicans with the same big brush he is painting the Democrats to be crooks. Deep down he has to know men like Jim DeMint, John Cornyn, the two Senators from Oklahoma, John Thune and John Kyl are stand up people. The vote is still out on Scott Brown, but he is a vast improvement over what was there. There are many more solid people in the Senate and the House has a gaggle of good men and women. All of these people need to keep their seats.

If Beck had his way he would vote out everyone in both Houses.  Frankly I’ll still take Kay Bailey Hutchinson over any Democrat that Texas would send to Washington.

Think about this. Beck is pushing his 9-12 group, rather than merging them with the TEA Party. Which in truth they are the same. The same people who go to 9-12 meetings are TEA Party at heart and most of them are members.  You have to ask yourself why does Beck want to split the groups. Could it be he is hoping the 9-12 group will draft him to run for the office of President? They would give him a strong base.  Beck has spoken to a lot of TEA Party rallies. In fact he makes an extra effort to speak. He knows the TEA Party group has the same values and attitude as the 9-12 people.  I suspect he is counting on the TEA Party folks to merge with his force and give him a giant base to run on.

Call me sceptical, but why else would he throw great Americans under the bus? The Senators I mentioned and several I didn’t need to be in Washington. I’d have more respect if Beck said there are some great Republicans, we need to get these good Senators and Representatives people who will work with them to repeal the mess Obama and the Democrats have made.

As anyone who has panned for gold will tell you, the secret is to wash the dirt until you see the nuggets.  If Beck was as smart as he says he is, then he would carefully pan the dirt and find the gold.  I remember a few weeks back Beck had Paul Ryan on his show and it was clear Glenn was getting ready to prove Paul was a Progressive. The more they talked you could see Beck realizing what a strong and great man Ryan is. To Beck’s credit he admitted he was wrong about Ryan, but if Paul had not been on his show then Glenn would have kept him under the bus.

It’s like cutting cows, you wean out the weak and ornery, keeping the good ‘ens. This November we need to get rid of the Democrats and fake Republicans, replacing them with fiscal conservatives.  We have to reverse the disastrous things Obama and the Democrats have done.  Email:


Arizona vs The World

April 29, 2010

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

I’m not finished bragging about Arizona.  The state has been pushed to the limit and now they are fighting back. It’s clear the Obama administration is not going to accept the responsibility of sealing the borders. In truth he wants more illegals coming across, not less. His goal is to flood our great country with illegals from Central America and Mexico, then find a way to fast track these people into citizenship.  Lou Dobbs did a story on the new immigration bill which is sickening. The new bill would allow illegals to become citizens in 24 hours and not wait for their background check to clear. In short, criminals will be allowed to become citizens.

Here is what you don’t hear. An average of three American agents are assaulted every day along the border.  Someone is kidnapped every 35 hours in Phoenix. Most of these are by illegal aliens. One in five American kids use Mexican drugs each year. We need to close the border. If it means shooting those who come across illegally I’m for it. Whatever it takes to stop the free flow into our country.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer said on Gretta that 80% of the 1,000 illegals a day who are coming over the border have a criminal record. I didn’t realize the number was that high.  Her position is we have to protect the citizens of Arizona.

Remember me going to help the old rancher whose property runs along the edge of the Rio Grande River?  He took me around and showed me the litter being left by these criminals.  He has over a hundred old backpacks his men have found in his pasture. We saddled up and rode into the open pastures, the landscape looked like a rock concert had just left town. Baby diapers, newspapers, water bottles and gallon jugs. I found chips bags, candy wrappers and cooking utensils. Have you ever been to a Circus the day after the show has closed?  Or better yet, a Union rally in Washington DC? Visualize the clutter and debris left in those situations, then double, even triple, the amount and you are getting close to what the illegals are doing to peoples’ property in Arizona.

I’ve heard from some residents of Arizona and they are thrilled with the new law.  None of them see this as profiling. Frankly I don’t care if the cops profile. I think it’s time we profiled air passengers. I’m tired of little 70-year-old white women and 5-year-old, blue-eyed, blond hair kids being pulled aside and treated as is they were the Christmas bomber. Or in one case the kid was in braces, unable to walk without them. The airport security made him remove his braces and drag his frail body through the metal screen check.  100% of all air plane terrorists have been dark-skinned, young Muslim men.  Likewise there are few white illegals slipping over the Mexican border into our country. 99.99999% are Mexican or Central American, all look the same.  If I’m a cop and spot a car with 20 Mexicans crammed in, I’m thinking illegals. I’ll find a law they break so I can pull them over.  Once a cop thought I was drinking.  He followed me until I switched lanes without clicking my signal lights. After he stopped me he discovered I was drinking a Coke from a bottle.  He didn’t even write me a warning ticket.  He gave me a mini lecture and sent me on my way. On the highway I seldom use the signal lights to indicate I’m switching lanes and that is the only time I was pulled over. Clearly he was not concerned about my lack of signaling a switch in lanes, but rather that I might be drinking and driving.  Arizona will look for infractions in the law to pull people over. Or if they spot a person dealing in drugs or selling their bodies on the streets, they will be questioned. If they can’t prove they are here legally they will be arrested.  Way to go Arizona! I tip my hat to your bravery. email

Go Arizona Go!

April 28, 2010

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

Arizona is my kind of state. Jan Brewer, the governor of Arizona showed her courage when she signed a law that makes being in their state illegally will get you arrested and eliminates sanctuary cities. The left is going nuts. Not because they think people from south of our border will be mistreated, but because they are needing the illegals to vote this November. Arizona is preventing ACORN and the UNIONS from loading buses with illegal aliens and hauling them to the polls. On their way to the polls the Democrat workers will instruct the illegal aliens on what to do and who to vote for. Without these votes they can’t win. The Arizona House, Senate and Governor Brewer have plugged that voter hole. Governor Brewer is up 16 points since she signed the bill.  70% of legal Arizona residents love the bill.

We hear how horrible and evil the TEA Party people are, but you don’t see them using re-fried beans and smearing swastikas all over the Capitol building. This is done by the ‘civil’ left.  You don’t see TEA Party folks throwing rocks and full water bottles at the police.  Arizona is a prefect example of hypocrisy in the media. The media tried to pull off a lie and say the TEA Party protestors in Washington DC called the black caucus the “N” word, but we find that was a total lie. I don’t see any outcry from the left media for the black caucus to apologize to the protestors. It’s okay to hurl dangerous objects at the police and write NAZI symbols on buildings if you are left, but dare a conservative carry a sign that says Obama is a socialist they will have the full force of the media on them.

The left speak is we are forcing the illegals to carry papers. Am I missing something? If I go to Mexico I have to have proof of who I am with me at all times. The Mexican government gives you a piece of paper to show if arrested. If I want to move to Mexico I have to show proof of a fat bank account and health care insurance that covers my stay.  Here immigrants are required to have a green card with them at all times, in the event they are questioned by the law. But the left says Arizona should ignore the law and give illegals a pass if they don’t have a green card or valid identification.

I’ve been through the border checks dozens of times. The agent asks, “Sir, are you an American citizen?”  I tell them yes and they wave me through. Is it because I’m white? I think not, I’ve seen a lot of cars with Mexicans waved through.  Arizona police will not stop people because their skin is brown or black, they will stop you when they catch you breaking the law.  The two twins who work for me are as Mexican as it gets. They have passed through a lot of border check points going to visit their wive’s families in California. I asked them this morning if they ever encountered profiling. As strange as this will be to the left, the twins were asked the same question as me. “Sir, are you an American citizen?”

I shot back. “Didn’t they look at you funny?”

One of the twins answered, “Once an agent commented about my Dallas Cowboy star and told me he hoped we had a good season.”

Just remember, this uproar is all about illegals being able to vote Democratic this November.  It’s Harry Reid’s only hope.

I’ll leave you with this.  Texas lawmakers are talking of duplicating the Arizona law.  However the Texas congress doesn’t meet till January.  email:

Obama Couldn’t Play Little League

April 27, 2010

After my Obama birth certificate blog I’ve received several sycophants defending the live birth certificate as being real proof.  One person argued that this is what the hospital issued for his proof of birth.  I beg your pardon, but you would not be allowed to play little league basketball, football or baseball with that piece of paper. If the kind of birth certificate you have would not let you on a youth sports team then why is this worthless piece of paper strong enough to vet a person to be president?

When a hospital releases a birth certificate they issue one signed by the doctor who delivered the baby. Since the 1950s they have put the baby’s foot print on the document. Nice try, but the live birth is no proof other than anyone knowing how to use Word can crank out one of those fakes. When I got my first passport I had to show the woman at the post office a copy of my birth certificate. Could this be because I’m from a part of the country that believes in keeping the law?  What did Obama use to get his passport? We do know this. He has a passport or perhaps several.  He probably traveled to Pakistan on his Indonesian passport. That is why on his round the world trip he stopped in Indonesia to get the passport stamped or renewed.

What did Obama use when he registered for the draft?  Certainly not the live birth document. That won’t work with the Military.

My theory is there is something sinister on his birth certificate that he doesn’t want the public to find.  What could he be hiding?  I asking this based on him being born in Hawaii, which at this time none of us know that with 10o% certainly.  He may have been born in Hawaii, but if he was then what dark secret is he hiding?  Honest people work in the light.

I read a piece that gave a strong argument that Obama’s father is Frank Marshal Davis and that the grandparents didn’t want their friend burdened with a scandal. Davis and Obama’s white grandfather were close friends.  The article said the birth certificate would read, “Father unknown.”   If that were the case then both of Obama’s books would have been of no value. They are based on his father being from Kenya. Their second position is the birth certificate would say, “Unmarried mother.’

If he has a real Hawaiian birth certificate then he should bring it out and let us see his baby foot on the lower left corner with his doctor’s signature in its proper place.  I frankly don’t know if he was born in Hawaii or Kenya. None of us will know for sure until the proper birth certificate is brought forth.

Exit statement:  God bless the good people of Arizona. They took action to stop illegal aliens and they will make Obama show a real birth certificate or not be a candidate  in 2012 in Arizona.


Note this license gives the holder the right to drive, attend college, purchase guns and vote. What a country?

Barry Soetoro

April 26, 2010

Young Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama) with his mother, baby sister and stepfather taken in Indonesia.

I hate to spoil your dreams, but the story floating around the Internet about Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama) having his Occidental College records released is not true. There have been several lawsuits brought to force the release of those documents; however, Attorney General  Eric Holder has fought back with an army of government lawyers. He sent them to California, preventing us knowing what is in Obama’s school records. Makes you wonder why all the fuss if there is nothing to hide.

Many think the records will show he enrolled under his original name, Barry Soetoro and registered as a student from Indonesia on a foreign aid scholarship.  This is all speculation until his actual paperwork is released and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. In truth I don’t see that happening period.  You simply cannot trust the Internet.

Little is known about Barry’s parents. There is no marriage license between Ann Dunham and Mr. Obama, the man who is said to be the president’s father.   There’s no marriage license between Ann Dunham and Lolo Soetoro. Neither is there a divorce decree on either marriage.

Ann Dunham moved to Indonesia with Barry and gave birth to a daughter with Lolo Soetoro. It was Lolo who enrolled young Barry in a radical Muslim school in Indonesia.  On those school records Lolo says Barry is his son, which would mean young Obama was adopted by Mr. Soetoro, making the boy a citizen of Indonesia.  When did Barry recant his Indonesia citizenship and become an American citizen?

There are a number of lawsuits heading to the Supreme Court based on Barry becoming a citizen of Indonesia and never recanting to become a US Citizen. If indeed Mr. Obama was once a citizen of a foreign country he would not be allowed to serve the highest office in the land. In truth this issue was never vetted during the elections.

But let’s get back to the basics. Until a friendly Judge orders records unsealed we will remain in the dark.  Even when a lawsuit is passed by a friendly Judge, that’s not the end. The lawsuit will be blocked on the next level.  Judges know what you and I understand.  All hell would break loose if suddenly it was proved the president of the United States was a fraud and not legally eligible to serve as Commander-in-Chief.   All the laws passed and orders given would become null and void.  I’m not sure, but I would expect the blacks to take to the streets by the millions. They would see the impeachment as racial.  Never mind the Constitution, it would become a race issue. The riots would make Watts look like a Sunday afternoon stroll in the park.  There would be billions of dollars in damage and the death toll would reach unthinkable numbers.

The safest and most positive thing to do is for us to win back the House and Senate this November and elect a fiscal conservative president in 2012.  Then we can have the records opened and the charlatan exposed. Till then keep your eyes on the goal of winning in November.

Allow me to exit with this snippet of information. Only 3% of people earning over $150,ooo are unemployed, while 31% of the poor are. Thank you Mr. Obama.


We can have real hope and change again this November.

Is Obama Legal?

April 25, 2010

This is a 1963 copy of a live birth certificate.  If Obama’s was real it would have this format.

This style form was not used until about 5 years ago. It can’t be Obama’s real live birth form. His would look like the one on top.

Purported to be Obama’s actual Kenyan birth certificate. I don’t know if it’s real or fake.

47% of the American people don’t even believe Obama is a natural-born citizen.  This number has grown exponentially the past six months.  Why?  Conservatives like Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity, Levine and a host of others either refuse to address the question or ridicule those who believe he’s not a natural-born citizen.  Many who think he isn’t legal don’t speak up for fear of being made a laughing joke.

To be honest, I don’t know. I wish the president would produce a real birth certificate and put this to rest.  I find it strange the president won’t show anyone his long form birth certificate or school records.  Why would he spend almost $2 million to keep all of his records secret? What is he hiding? This troubles me.  I had to show my birth certificate to play little league baseball.

Texas Democratic governor candidate Bill White won’t show his income tax records. We know what he is hiding, the millions he made by being in bed with big oil. In Texas White will either show his records or be humiliated in defeat at the polls.  Perry will hang that around his neck. Unlike John McCain who wouldn’t let Sarah Palin go after Obama. I blame McCain for putting Obama in the White House.

Hillary Clinton started on Obama’s birth certificate issue but suddenly pulled back. What did she learn?  Is what she found the reason she has her current job. Quid Pro Quo?  Was his secret so big it landed her a top job in the administration?

Attorney Orly Taitz is the most targeted lawyer in America. She is the leading warrior in the fight to expose Barack Obama’s in-eligibility to reside in the White House.  It appears to me her best shot is Obama’s purported use of several Social Security cards.  From what I understand she has proof that both Barack and Michele Obama used multiple Social Security cards.  Ms. Taitz hired private investigators to find out how many different Social Security cards Obama has used.  According to Dr. Orly Taitz Mr. Obama has used as many as 39 different Social Security numbers.  One card was issued in Connecticut to an individual born in 1890. That person would be 120 years old.  Remember, Obama never lived in Connecticut. Worst of all, none of the Social Security cards were issued in Hawaii.  Why?

I think the meat of Dr. Orly Taitz’s case is identity theft and Social Security fraud.

Bill O’Reilly’s argument is the births were announced in two Hawaiian newspapers.  Bill doesn’t take into consideration that Obama’s white grandmother lived in Hawaii and would call the papers to put in the birth announcements.  Grandmother gave her home address as the place of birth for the male child. According to Obama’s books he was born in a Hawaiian hospital.  He says one hospital and his sister named the other hospital.  Barack Obama Sr. address was not the place of birth recorded in the newspapers. Perhaps granny knew the importance of her grandson having cover to show he was a citizen.  She worked in the Bureau of Records and would understand the importance of citizenship. She’d know to call the newspaper to announce the birth.

The short form birth certificate that Mr. Obama has posted is the one hospitals began using about five years ago. The short form is a forgery. If he had the real short form it would look a lot different in format.  What is real about Mr. Obama?

I’m sending Dr. Orly Taitz some money. She is running to be the Attorney General of California. If elected she can force Mr. Obama to show his records or not be on the California state ballot.  I’m going to work to help her win. Then in two years proof will have to be given or he is one and done.  email:

Illegal is Illegal

April 24, 2010

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

I guess this sounds like a play on words, but where I come from illegal is illegal.  The term illegal alien says two things. Someone is here illegally and they are not a citizen of our country.  The misnomer of all this is we have people demanding illegal aliens have rights. Go to Mexico and see what kinds of rights you have.  You can’t even buy property. You have to get a 99 year lease. I looked at buying a ranch down there before I moved here in the sweet spot of Texas. You have no legal rights in Mexico because to them you are a criminal if you  are in the country illegally.  If you have a lot of money to invest the Mexican government might look the other way after you bribe half of the country.

I know of no law that gives rights to criminals. You may not like hearing me say this, but if anyone is here illegally, they have broken the law.  The Obama administration has coined the phrase undocumented workers.  The government has been successful in painting a picture of the illegals as a beaten down group that is coming to the United States to do the dirty work that whites don’t want to do, like picking fruit and trimming grape vines.  If that was the case we could grant them worker green cards and after the crops are picked they would have to go back home.  However, that is not the case. A majority coming over are associated with drug gangs. They run drugs into the country, then money and guns back south. They traffic in humans. Girls as young as twelve are being brought over for prostitution. 17% of those we catch are wanted for crimes they committed here in our country.

One of the sheriffs along the Arizona/Mexican border said his men get into 20 to 25 high-speed chases a day.  The police flash for a vehicle to pull over and it takes off.  On a regular basis his men are fired on from the fleeing vehicle.

Arizona just passed an immigration law that allows the police to arrest any who are not citizens of this country.  Governor Brewer, a Republican, signed the bill into law. She says the police will be able to start arresting in July.

Obama and the ACLU are both up in the air on the law.  Angry is a better word.  Obama wants to give those low-class criminals citizenship so they can vote in block for him in 2012. Look for the Democrats to rush an immigration bill into the Senate.  Unfortunately we have the RINO Lindsey Graham who is jumping  up and down with joy to grant amnesty to the illegals.

This week I asked the twins who work for me what they thought about the Arizona bill.  Keep in mind their heritage goes back to the Alamo. Their distant grandfather signed the Texas Declaration of Independence. They are also 100% Mexican. I don’t like the work Latino and neither do they. One asked me, “When will Texas step up to the plate and follow Arizona?” The other nodded his approval.  Mexicans who are American citizens are not in favor of illegal aliens marching in protest for their rights.  They have a right to go to jail and then be deported. No more catch and release.  We need to catch, let them serve some jail time and then send them home, with the promise next time they will be locked up for at least a year. I hope Texas has the courage to follow Arizona. New Mexico won’t and I doubt if California will either. Too many liberals to appease.


A friend from the frozen north sent this to me. It’s true. If Arizona votes to make candidates produce a birth certificate then in essence they are filibustering the presidential election. Obama cannot be elected unless all 50 states vote.  I hear Oklahoma might be considering the same rule where you must show a birth certificate. Georgia is considering the same illegal alien law as Arizona.

Feeling Secure?

April 23, 2010

I read a horrifying story this week. I can’t fault the writer for breaking the story, but I wish they hadn’t because they exposed a very dangerous machine. Now the terrorists know the machine is available for about $300 in any sporting goods store. In fact, anywhere hunting equipment is sold. The terrorists can go online in Yemen and order one online.

What am I talking about?  A few years ago a couple of Texas guys invented a small machine (8″x4″x3″ weighing under five pounds) for hunters.  In field tests, deer, elk and hogs have walked within five feet of a man wearing this Scent Killing Machine.  The only reason I know about the device was my local gun shop tried to sell me one when they first came on the market. The machine kills the bacteria that cause odor, eliminating all human smell.  Even a bloodhound can’t track a man wearing this devise. Hunters love them, because they can get in their blind and deer can’t pick up their scent. The cost of this Ozone Machine is about $300.

But there are other scents this little machine blocks.  It blocks the dogs at the border from smelling drugs.  You have seen videos of a dog going crazy when they smell dope and then the cops begin tearing the car apart to find the stash. With the Odor Blocker machine the dogs are worthless. Unless the cop “smells” something is wrong the drugs will flow freely into the states and money can go back undetected. Any drug dealer who learns of this machine will have no qualms in spending that small amount to slip $5 million worth of drugs into our country.

But that is not the real tragedy this little machine can help facilitate. Dogs can’t smell bombs when the ozone machine is running. Like the dogs in New York’s Grand Central Station. Bombers can walk right past the dogs, pat the animal on the head and no signal will be smelled by the dog.  In London and Paris they have dogs at the front doors of the airport terminals. This is to prevent a bomber from getting in the lobby, blowing him/herself up and killing 500 people.  Now, thanks to the ozone machine, a suicide bomber can waltz past the sniffing dogs and walk inside to the spot that will kill the most people.

The ozone machine is legal. I could go in the morning and purchase 100 if I wished.  I fear now that there has been a major article published on the ozone machine we might see something horrible happen in the New York Subway. I pray not, but the article on this machine just made the possibility much higher.  In the past if you were not a hunter you wouldn’t know. But thanks to the New York Times now the world knows. Trust me on this, drug cartels and terrorists will start using this little device designed to help deer hunters…especially bow hunters who like to get close to the animals.   Email:

Where Do I Start?

April 22, 2010

For those of you who have been rat-holing a few $100 bills for a rainy day will soon have to find a way to launder them. The government is getting ready to issue new Euros to us. Well, maybe not the actual European currency, but our new $100 bills look just like those in Europe.  The Obama  administration wants us to be like Europe so much they can taste it.  It’s time for you to go into the backyard and dig up those coffee cans full of cash. The government says they are changing the bill to make them harder to forge. I suspect it’s an attack on the billions in American currency collected by drug cartels. When switching out your bills, remember all transactions of over $10,000 are reported. Trade out $9,900. I’m not giving legal advice, I’m only saying that is what I’d do if I had any money stashed.

The story is just breaking. About 50 big SUVs blocked all the streets around a Holiday Inn Hotel in Monterey, Mexico.  Monterey is the third largest city in Mexico and located about 70 miles from the Texas border.  There are conflicting reports, but between 3 and 7 people were kidnapped.  The cops could not get through the road blocks to reach the hotel until the SUVs left.  We do know the kidnappers were military trained and heavily armed. Probably the work of the Zeta drug cartel.

Senator Tom Harkins, (Jane Fonda’s ex) wants to pass a $25 Billion stimulus bill to bail out our school systems. Why didn’t they budget schools in the $850 bailout bill they passed not long ago?  The Democrats just jammed through a $23 Billion second jobs bill.  When will Congress stop spending money we don’t have?  It’s painful to see our country being destroyed before our eyes and we are powerless to stop the spending. The Democrats have total power and they are using it to spend and drive up the debt. I think it’s their way of forcing taxes on us.  Just you watch, we will see a strong pitch for a VAT (Value Added Tax).  The argument will be if we don’t do a VAT the country will go bankrupt.  November can’t get here fast enough.

With Marco Rubio climbing to super start status the Democrats has turned the IRS loose on him. They are trying to prove Rubio somehow used the campaign credit cards for personal use.  It’s a weak claim, but like a rattlesnake, you make one mistake and you are dead. It’s clearly a political move, because Rubio is a Reagan fiscal conservative on the rise. The Democrats want to stop him before he becomes a Senator and gains legs to run for president.  The best way to keep a tiger from eating your babies is to kill him when he is still young.  Make no mistake in thinking Rubio is not a force to be dealt with.  He has Sarah Palin qualities, without the media’s vitriol. I will follow what is happening to him, because it’s people like Marco who are the future of the nation.

A reader asked if the police had caught the thug who has been raping elderly women east of San Antonio.  The answer is sadly no. Governor Perry put two Texas Rangers on the case and the police think that scared the rapist into leaving the state. He is probably somewhere down in Florida raping more elderly and helpless ladies. He needs to be castrated and made to eat them raw.

Finally, my ribs are still sore. I didn’t realize it took so long for broken ribs to heal.  email:

Government workers!

Muy Malo

April 21, 2010

Muy Malo is Spanish for Very Bad.  Things along the US/Mexican border have gotten out of hand. I heard a sheriff from Arizona say that the murder of Robert Krantz was a message to law enforcement.  He said the Mexicans were saying, “We are here and there is nothing you can do to stop us. We will kill anytime we feel like it and you cops are helpless to do anything about it.”  The hair rose on the backs of my arms with anger.   I’m upset about the government take over of the health care, banks, car companies and student loans.  I also know all of those radical mistakes can be corrected when we elect fiscal conservative, constitution loving men and women to serve in Congress.

I got a letter from a rancher who lives near Del Rio out close to Falcon Lake. He didn’t know my phone number and asked me to call him.  Part of his ranch is along the edge of the lake just west of the dam.  Last month some Zetas came over, taking he and his wife captive.  They stayed with him four days, killing a cow and making his wife cook them choice steaks.  I don’t like to guess ages but if pushed I’d say the man is almost 70 and his wife pushing 60.  They are not young people and were totally stressed over being told time and time again, “We ought to kill you and let the gringo cops see they can’t stop us.”

On the phone he broke down and cried.  He told me he and his wife made peace with God thinking at any moment one of the Zetas would burst through the bedroom door and kill them both.  He mostly makes his living selling hunting leases. The white tail deer down in his area are as large as mule deer and have great racks. He told me one of the men he sells a deer stand with their lease was robbed.  They were down checking out the stand to see if it needed repairs and some illegal thugs came upon the three men and robbed them. Then told them if they mentioned it to the cops they would find them and kill their families.  The illegals took their wallets with identification information. The three hunters are scared to death that the Zetas will seek them out and kill their families.  One man lost an expensive camera and all three lost top flight bows.

The rancher asked if I would come help. I guess someone told him I helped border ranchers.   It hurt to tell him there is nothing I can do.  If I go down there and end up killing a drug cartel gang member who is part of the Zetas then my Twins and their families would probably be killed. If I wound one I’ll be sued by the ACLU. If I killed one or several I’d be put on trial for murder and probably have to sell the ranch to hire a top flight lawyer. If I go and not be willing to kill then I’m of no use to the old man. He and I would both end up dead.  In his situation dogs won’t work.  The Zetas would come over and kill the dogs for sport. They stand on the Mexican side of the border and shoot cows on our side for fun. You know it’s bad when the local law enforcement won’t come to his aid. I hated to tell him, but I think his only option is to close up and move away from the home he has known since a kid.  He admitted he was no match for the illegal’s fire power, nor their numbers.  The old rancher didn’t know about Robert Krantz.  I could hear the shock in his voice.  After I hung up my soul was restless, I didn’t sleep well. Why is this story not on FoxNews or CNN?

The media won’t tell you, but we have had several border police killed by these gangs.  The people coming over are not looking to pick strawberries, they are drug smugglers, human traffickers and the criminal element. John McCain said 17% of those we capture were wanted for crimes committed earlier in the United States.

These kinds of monster crimes are occurring all along the border. Will Obama send troops to protect American citizens?  Frankly, I doubt it. The scattered ranchers are not many votes. He will no doubt go to the aid of ACORN and SEIU first. More votes.