Original Oil by Will Cooper

The one word ranchers fear most is rabies.  This week the rancher with his pasture north of mine  killed a skunk he suspected had rabies. He shot the skunk, took the dead animal to our vet and sure as the sun rises the animal had rabies.  My men and I have been looking to see if we have any coyotes or wolves showing signs of being infected. When I was a kid rabies was called hydrophobia.  I recall my dad killing a rabid stray dog. The animal was in the advanced stages with foam coming from the corners of his mouth. I was about five, but I can remember the dog staggering with its fangs exposed coming right at my father.  He was an excellent marksman and dropped the crazed dog about twenty feet from where we stood.

We had coon hounds and they barked but didn’t approach the sick dog.  I think they understood if the dog with rabies bit them they would die.

One of the San Antonio Spurs slapped a bat and had to take rabies shots. During the game a bat began flying around over the court. The bat zipped by the 6′-6″ star and the player’s quick hand sent it sprawling. Animal control picked up the stunned bat and ran tests.  The bat tested positive for rabies.

I darn sure don’t want any bobcats, fox, coyotes or wolves to be infected and start biting my horses and cattle. I’ve instructed my men to shoot first, we will have the body checked later. If you don’t kill a ‘mad animal’ when you see them, they might bite a bunch of cattle before you see him again.

If seeing the country I love being taken over by radical socialists is not enough I have to deal with the possibility of rabid wildlife.  I think I’ll sell out and apply for Welfare. In fact Texas has a little town north of San Antonio named Welfare. I could move there and let the government  take care of me. I could become a ward of the Nanny State. (smile)

I will say I’m disappointed in my murder mystery book sales.  A lot of those who I thought would buy haven’t. It’s not too late for you to purchase a copy. Go to http://www.lulu.com and search Will Cooper and the drop down Books.  My book is titled Love You to Pieces.

Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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