20.3% Underemployed

Texas Wildflowers painted by Will Cooper

I still cannot send emails.  I’m not sure this blog will load. Seems some people hacked into my Internet company’s server and was sending millions of Spam. The crooks sent so many it shut our email service down.

Thanks to all of you who have purchased my book, Love You to Pieces.  Some of you have suggested I do some book signings. That’s a sweet thought; however there is no way I can take off and run around the country selling books.  Most days I don’t complete all of my chores. We are short-handed.  Normally I like to have 4 to 5 men helping, but currently I’m down to the twins and me.  I’ve started reading my book and find myself frustrated to find a couple of typos.  I hired an editor to catch those mistakes.

The main problem with the Obama administration is none of his crew have ever run a business or made a payroll. They are book ‘learned’ but can’t pour urine out of a boot.  All of their ideas are theories never actually put into practice. All of his top people are idealogues who think if they say something it becomes real.  They have been preaching we are out of the recession. Sounds good and looks good on paper, but in reality 20.3% of the population has either given up finding a job or they are working part-time.  This month the government added 167,000 workers to knock on doors for the census. I mailed mine in, but only 43% of the people in my county have sent theirs in.  One heavily populated Mexican county has only sent in 11% of their forms. By hiring 167,000 government workers the unemployment remains at 9.7%; nevertheless, this is playing with numbers.

When we look at home sales across the country we find the housing industry is in big trouble. The number of foreclosures will set records this year. In Florida the number of homes under financial water is staggering. I read where 37% of those making their mortgages on time owe more than the home is worth. The government bailed out 179,000 families and helped them lower their monthly payments. 25% of those the government helped have defaulted.

Instead of jamming an unwanted health care system onto the American people and raising our taxes, the smart thing for Mr. Obama to have done is poured all of that effort into JOBS. The reason the Obama White House is not pushing jobs is because they don’t know what to do. They like to say these are the worst economic times since FDR.  Not so. Ronald Reagan faced 21% interest rates and 12% unemployment. A gift from Jimmy Carter.  Reagan never blamed Carter, rather he took care of business and before he was finished he created 21 million jobs and had America back on her feet.  Reagan helped the private sector find a friend in the government and that resulted in them hiring people.  20.3% underemployment is Un-American. We can do better. Let’s begin making changes this November.  email:   willcooper@senkarik.com


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