Murder of An American Hero

Who is Barack Obama?

I still cannot send emails. International hackers took my Internet server over and sent out billions of Spam.  I was assured  it won’t be long till they have the problem solved. All emails from my company are being blocked by other servers. I only have two companies that I can get Internet service from. I’ve tried the other service and it’s not reliable…like this one is. (smile)

Robert Krentz was murdered in cold blood last week on his ranch in southeast Arizona. Robert was 54 years old and everyone who knew him said he was a great guy. When he found illegal aliens starving on his property he gave them food.  He left empty water bottles at his reservoir so the illegals could drink.  Most ranch reservoirs are made of concrete, anywhere between 6′ and 10′ deep and about thirty feet across.  He left a stack of rocks the illegals could use as a ladder to reach the water.

One of my collector’s daughter is a friend with Robert’s son. She told her mother Robert had been asking the government for help for a long time.  People living on the border live in fear.  They are not afraid of the man crossing to find a job to feed his family, they are afraid of the criminals and drug mules.  No one knows for sure how many of the illegals have a criminal record or the number of them in the drug business.

I suspect the illegals that Robert encountered were either wanted criminals or drug mules. When they learned he was going to call the Border Patrol they killed him.

I hear from Texas ranchers living on our border with Mexico and they are scared.  Right now we are seeing a bump in numbers of  illegals coming over, because families are fleeing the violence on that side of the river.  Entire families are slipping into our country for safety.  They may be poor people but they are not stupid. Once in the United States they will get a welfare check and free medical care.  Only a tiny number will be deported.  The new illegal aliens are quickly taught the ropes and find themselves at home in short order.  They also know Mr.Obama is going to do his best to grant them American citizenship.

What would you do?  Would you stay in Mexico and see your children become part of the drug cartels or be killed?  Neither choice is good.  Or come to the United States where our government will take care of all your needs.  You can live in a home with air conditioning and running water.  Indoor plumbing and electric lights. We have plenty of Spanish radio and televisions programs, the newcomers don’t have to learn English and when the Obama citizenship deal passes they will be at the front of the line.

Unless we start protecting the border we will have more great men like Mr. Krentz killed in cold blood. It’s a shame we are no longer safe on our own property. May God help us during the coming months giving us the strength to vote out the liberals and add some fiscal conservatives this November.  Email:


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