He’s a Talker

President Obama does one thing well.  He can talk, unfortunately we need a president who can listen to ‘we the people’. This week the president spoke in Charlotte NC at a battery factory. Doris, an older employee, was permitted to ask a question near what the audience thought was the end of his speech. She asked, “Mr. President do you think it’s wise to be raising taxes with the economy in such rough shape.”  I don’t have her exact words, but that is the gist of what she  was asking.

Mr. Obama spent 17 minutes and 12 seconds trying to answer what she asked. His long answer became so convoluted people in the back left and no one clapped. The more silent the crowd the longer and louder he spoke. It was like when you go to a foreign country and are asking for directions. You end up shouting at the poor person trying to help.  We seem to think by talking louder the potential guide will understand what we are asking.  Mr. Obama believes we are against the health care  bill only because we don’t understand how good it is for us.

I think if he was telling the truth when he says stuff about the bill we might like it. He promised to lower our insurance payments 3,000%.  I did some figuring and I think if that were true my insurance company would owe me money.  The president spends a lot of time telling us what the new health care bill will do for children.  I suspect that would be a good thing, but in their haste to pass a bill the Democrats left out child coverage.  The president has given dozens of speeches and instead of the American people jumping up in joy, the anger and bitterness is growing.  I realize the Washington elite think the people are a bunch of crazy wingnuts and will believe anything if they hear it enough. Not so, we are hearing what is being said and understand most of it is a lie.  Like the health care bill will save us money and leave out the $250 billion dollar doctor fix.

The Democrats are playing fuzzy numbers.  The first ten years we pay taxes on the health bill, but the health care doesn’t kick in for the first four.  Thus you pay for ten years but only received six years of  benefits. That old dog won’t hunt in this neck of the woods and I suspect not in your’s either.

I do see one benefit with the Democrats shoving this insane bill through. The American people will unite and vote them out of office. We get our vote in November when it will count the most.  email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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