He’s Self Centered

It’s worth noting with Obama’s robust economy the number of youth between 16 and 29 unemployed is 15.2%.  This is the highest since 1948.  So much for the Obama recovery.

You must have a huge ego to ever decide to run for the presidency. All of our presidents have had a healthy ego, but nothing compared to Mr. Obama’s. I’ve been thinking about his boring 2,500 word, 17 minute and 12 second answer to a question that required less than two minutes to answer. He was as long as five of my blogs.  I have come to the conclusion he loves to hear himself talk.  He reminds me of our new preacher a few years back. He gave his first sermon to our group and rambled for two hours. Finally one old cowboy stood up and said, “It’s time we had a song, how ’bout Amazing Grace.

After the meeting broke up the old rancher called our young preacher over to the fire and offered him a cup of coffee. “Son,” the old man said. “You being new there are some things you need to know.  When we ranchers go feed our cattle and only one old cow shows up we don’t dump the whole load.”  It’s clear to me Mr. Obama never fed any cattle.

I seldom listen to talk radio, but from time to time I tune in when I’m going to town. Rush is without peer in the field.  Glenn Beck is too silly on the radio for me, Hannity over talks his callers. Michael Savage is an angry old Jew and spews out vile all day long.  You can’t listen to Savage without being angry.  Michael Medved is brilliant but his voice grates on me. I like Hugh Hewitt, but he is on when I’m the busiest. I’d listen to him if I had a chance. Dennis Prager puts me to sleep and Alex Jones thinks president Bush personally bombed the Twin Towers. Mike Gallagher and Neil Bortz are not on the stations I receive.  Laura Ingram is a brilliant girl.

All of the above have huge egos; however, they are not so self-centered they would talk 17 minutes without a break. Rush breaks his talking with sound bites. All the others have guests. Rush only takes six or seven calls in his three hours. His ego is under control.  Our president’s ego is out of control.  He thinks everyone wants to hear him talk. I stopped listening when his lies became so blatant. How can Mr. Obama say you will get a 3,000% reduction in your insurance payments?  He has told so many lies that I think he has started to believe what he is saying.  The president says we will cut fraud and waste in the health care system. We didn’t need a new bill for that. As long as I can remember presidents were going to cut waste and fraud on health care. It ain’t goin’ to happen. How can you reduce health care costs by adding 50 million people to the program?  50 million  is the number Mr. Obama quoted last week in NC.  I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the lies. I’m ready for a change. Vote the liberals out in November.

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