I’m Frustrated

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

Last week I was called by my Representative Henry Cuellar for a phone Town Hall Meeting.  I heard one little lady slobber all over him. She gets an Oil/Gas royalty and wanted Henry to know she donated her profits to help poor Mexican pastors. She told Henry she voted for him, even though she was a Republican, because he is a blue dog Democrat. This guy voted for cap-and-trade and the Obama health care bill. After listening to one after another suck up to this liberal chunk of human flesh my stomach was rolling over. It was clear he was not going to let me ask him questions. My frustration is him saying he is a blue dog, while voting 100% of the time with Mr. Obama.

I’m reading my new book Love You to Pieces and finding typos, which is driving me up the wall.  I hired a professional proof reader to catch mistakes.  I’m dyslexic so I tend to reverse things.  I noticed that I typed how for who. I paid the edit person some serious money to catch mistakes. Writing a book is not like a blog.  I did several drafts, in fact I did seven drafts of the first chapter, but since I’d made the mistake I never saw them when I was re-working the copy.

I’m frustrated with the RNC. Michael Steele is doing a poor job.  He is also living a little high on the hog.  I plan to pick where I give this year. I just mailed a check to Faulkner, who is running against Charlie Rangle from NY. I gave to Mark Rubio and I also gave to Scott Brown. I’m planning to give to Underwood in my district and help him unseat Cuellar. I’ll find others to help.

I’m frustrated with eBay. It seems the better I paint the less the art brings at the end of the auction.

I’m frustrated my government is doing nothing to slow the flood of illegal aliens crossing the border into our country.  I’m frustrated the government has not caught the illegals who killed the Arizona rancher. One of my readers wrote the Minuteman would need to step in. The Minutemen can’t because of liability. If the Minutemen arrest an illegal and the alien gets a busted lip the Minutemen may face  felony charges. They have become observers and are no longer proactive in making arrests. They don’t want to deal with the ACLU suing them.

If Mr. Krentz, the Arizona rancher, had shot an illegal he would have been given life in jail. The illegal kills him and will probably never be caught. If you are not frustrated then check your pulse. You may be dead and don’t know it.

I’m frustrated that I’m one man and can’t possibly do enough alone to save our great country and it is worth saving. Let’s don’t give up. I’m going to keep on fighting to vote out people like Henry Cuellar and the other liberal Democrats. Please join me in this battle.   Email: willcooper@senkairk.com


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