A Debacle to Derail

People listening to Obama explaining the health care bill for the 500th time.

It’s becoming increasingly clear we will need to vote out the current regime.  Almost 50% of the people in America don’t pay income taxes and the unemployment is higher than we are being told. Yesterday while I was fighting flies as I moved some cattle from one pasture to another the complexity of the State of our Union flooded my heart like my creeks during spring rains. I was stuck on the back of a horse as our country collapses. I don’t pretend to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but even a country boy like me knows you don’t disrespect your friends. Mr. Obama went to Afghanistan and shot his finger in the face of President Karzai, talking down to him as a teacher would a small child. What our president fails to understand, Karzai is as important to his country as Obama is to ours.  You don’t go into the home of a newly-made friend and tell them how to pick cotton.  I think the word is diplomacy. When dealing with foreign countries the key to a good relationship is diplomacy. This is just what we need now that we have a large number of America’s bravest fighting in Afghanistan. Karzai has said he is thinking of joining the Taliban because of the way the west has treated him. The west being the United States. Obama might can boss his staff around, but he can’t go around the world talking down to other leaders.  He bows to a Saudi King, then treats Karzai like he is a peon. Now the Washington spin is Karzai is on drugs.  No, Karzai sees that Obama is an empty suit.

The sad truth Hugo Chavez is doing a better job at making friends than our president. Chavez is picking off country after country to come to his side against the United States. It’s looking like Chavez will have nuclear weapons in the near future. That’s not acceptable, but with Russia now a close friend you can expect an attempt by Chavez to build warheads.

When the president of Indonesia came over Obama treated him poorly.  Obama has Germany hating us, France shaking their heads and the UK showing us the cold shoulder. Japan is not happy with us and neither is China. China is concerned about our huge debt and the effect it will have on the money we own them. I heard a Democrat smart lady saying Obama has made the world love us. She is the one doing drugs.  The world has never loved us and now they don’t fear us.

When Netanyahu was in Washington Obama pressed him to stop building in Jerusalem. Netanyahu  explained that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and they have a right to build. Obama gets up and leaves the room. On the way out he said, “I’m having dinner with my family. Let me know if you change your mind.”  Obama refused to have his photo taken with the one leader in the middle east who loves America.  There are only two world leaders Obama has refused to have his picture taken with, Netanyahu and the Dali Lama.

We have no choice, we must vote the RINO Republicans and all Democrats out of office this November and then legally remove the president in 2012 with our votes. Please let there be no foolish talk of force. We are not a third world country yet; however we will be unless we derail the debacle we have now.  email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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