Fighting Mad

This image pretty much says what’s happening in Washington DC.

Yesterday three wonderful ladies emailed and volunteered to edit my next book. My heart is moved by such a generous offer. Thank you!  This world is full of great people and those of you who read my blog are the pick of the litter. I’m blessed to have you as part of my extended family. I would love to take you up on the offer, but finding time for another book will be the challenge. Books don’t just write themselves.

One reader told me they were ‘fighting mad’ at the mistakes in the book. I’ll tell you what I told the ‘fighting mad’ person.  You can look past the typos and enjoy the story or let them destroy the read. I’m sick that I paid serious money to have the book edited and there are still typos. As soon as I realized the poor job my edit person did I told you in my blog.  If you ordered a copy after reading my warning then you knew in advance there were obvious mistakes.  I feel bad enough that I spent a handsome sum, I don’t need it rubbed in my face.  I accept responsibility for not finding a trustworthy person to proof and edit my book.  The lady who did my editing works for a major newspaper as an edit person. She is in her sixties, so maybe she is not as sharp as she was in the past, however she still pulls down a paycheck at the San Antonio News Paper.  One more thing, many of you have been reading my eBay rants for two years and my blog for the past 305 days.  You know I’m not a perfect writer, so why would you expect my book to be better than my blogs. I worked hard writing Love You to Pieces…the story is original…cut me some slack for making the effort.

Bart Stupak is stepping down. We could see that coming. It would have been difficult for him to campaign. The audience would have been shouting traitor as he spoke. He set himself up as a hero to the unborn. People got sucked into his rhetoric, but if you will recall I warned you he was going to break our hearts. When Obama offered Bart and his gang $3.5 billion, the principles they had stood for all of their careers no longer seemed important. Money over character…that’s Bart Stupak.

Last night on the news I saw a group of a dozen or so protestors in front of the San Antonio Post Office holding images of Obama with a Hitler moustache.  They were protesting taxes and big government. These people are stupid.  Their action only feeds the media to call Obama, Hitler.  That dozen nuts makes all of us who are unhappy with the government look like crazies. For goodness sakes, if you see a swastika or a poster of Obama made to look like Hitler at a TEA Party gathering go and ask them to take it down. The liberal media are looking for these kinds of people to paint all us with the same radical brush.   We don’t need the Aryan Nation showing us using racial slurs.  If the media can find one, just one, who is crazy enough to use the N word that clip will be played till the disc wears out.

On April 15th the Union thugs will be at our TEA Party rallies.  They will be shouting racial slurs or whatever they think the media will pick up. The Democrats have to make us look like the KKK and radical white supremests. Our rallies will be infiltrated with Obama hacks.  Keep your eyes open.   email:

This sign is in Dumas, Texas. Dumas is north of Amarillo. Leave it to a Texan to tell it like he see it.


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