Crash the TEA Party

An Obama Government Fat Cow

Call it fate or whatever, but I had to drive to San Antonio for a tractor part and on the way back clicked on my radio. A talk show host, who I think is Paggs said there is going to be a concerted effort among the left to disrupt and destroy the TEA Parties. He gave a website, so I pulled a Palin and wrote it on the palm of my hand. Later I got an email from my progressive, liberal, libertarian lefty and he also mentioned the website: .   Even my lefty friend is upset with such dirty politics.

The Democrats tried to say the TEA Party people spit on and shouted racial slurs at the black House of Representatives as they walked over for the health care vote. Everyone knows there are tunnels under and they didn’t have to walk through a hostile crowd. Nancy Pelosi walked with her ten pound gavel as if she was planning on bashing a few heads. I know a scrawny gal from NC who would kick Nancy’s butt six ways to Sunday, gavel or no gavel.  It was a staged event hoping to tick off the thirty thousand who had come to protest.  When no one spit or said racial things the black caucus made stuff up.  HOWEVER, Andrew Breitbart threw out the challenge. He would pay $100,000 to anyone who had a video documenting the vulgar words or spitting.  No one came forward and now the black caucus has crawled back into the woodwork.

Yesterday I mentioned a dozen people at the San Antonio Post Office holding posters of Obama with a Hitler moustache. They were protesting paying taxes.  I now believe these guys were Union hacks. Their signs were professionally done and the protesters were all able-bodied men between the ages of 30 and 45.  No doubt it was the left pretending to be wingnut right wingers. After seeing the Crash the TEA Party website I’m sure these guys were plants.

I got a stupid email talking about us being on the verge of Civil War.  Do you realize how insane that kind of talk is?  I’m reading General Tommy Franks’ big thick book, he describes the power of our military and it is stunning. The gist of the Civil War email was Obama is going to take our guns and when that happens war will break out.  I can see me standing in the middle of my pasture with an old lever-action 30-30 and a division of the greatest fighting force to ever assemble coming after my guns. They have a lot of choices, use a drone, a cannon five miles away or a sniper with a 50 caliber that would smash my head like a watermelon.  A Civil War ain’t goin’ to happen.  Don’t send me stupid emails.  I have been getting one that is asking Congress to sign a pledge they will get on the same Social Security and Medicare the rest of the country has.  WHY would they?  They retire with more money than should be legal and they have all kinds of perks.  Just because a few will go for it doesn’t translate that 3/4th of the House and Senate along with the president will change the Constitution to cut out perks. They couldn’t get 60 Senators to vote yes on the health bill and you expect 75 to vote to take money out of their pockets?  AND 326 House Members? Please don’t waste my time with such foolish talk.

Instead let’s talk about protecting the TEA Parties and voting in fiscal conservatives this November. This we can do, the other is a pipe dream.  email:


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