Obama’s New Taxes

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

I’m confident if we the people knew of all the theft in the Obama Health Care bill we would explode.  We should have believed Nancy Pelosi when she said, “We have to pass the bill so we can learn what’s in it.”  They passed it and we are PAINFULLY learning.

The new tax on Cadillac health insurance will be 40%.  The good news is this tax is not effective until 2018, so there is time for us to repeal the bill.  Here is how the tax works. There will be a 40% tax on health insurance valued at $10,200 for an individual and $27,500 for a family.  The bad news is some bureaucrat in Washington DC will decide your insurance value. Some bald guy with a rotund gut will call the shots on what he thinks you owe.

This is the hidden tax that has me steaming. When you sell your home a 3.8% sales tax will be imposed on all real estate transactions.  If you own a $400,000 home the government will get $15,700 should you sell it. Better yet the government will take their money at the transaction closing.  A $200,000 home will have a sales tax of $7,600.  This is the tax that the Democrats slipped into the bill.  This tax will really hit the low-income people hard.  I think of the Twins who work for me.  I would guess their properties are worth close to that $200,000 and they each owe around $100,000.  Even though they only profit $100,000 the Feds will get tax on the selling price.  Are you green around the gills?  I am.

You are required to get insurance. A single person is fined $670 if they can’t prove they have insurance and  families $2,250.  Obama told us he was going to change America, but a lot of you voted for him anyway. Now you are seeing the changes you voted for. I tried from day one to warn you he was a radical leftist.  If you don’t pay, the government will take the refund you think you have coming on tax day.   To make sure you have insurance Obama has hired 16,500 new IRS agents. They will knock on your door or take your property if you fail to get health insurance and don’t pay your fine.  If you are in your twenties, healthy and don’t feel you need insurance, too bad. Obama says you must buy or he will collect your money.

I don’t smoke, but tobacco is being taxed again.

If you get your pet groomed or go to a tanning salon you will pay a 10% tax.  There is a tax on services.  If you drink sodas you are now taxed.

The sickest tax is the one they are imposing on the elderly. They are now taxed on medical devices, like hearing aids, glasses and wheel chairs.  BUT  the Democrats are not finished taxing the elderly. Seniors with IRAs and 401Ks will be hit with a 3.8% tax on income of over $200,000.  If I earn more than $200,000 a year I’ll be hit with the same 3.8% tax.

Those are not enough.  Obama is back talking VAT.  Value Added Tax.   This is a national sales tax on everything we buy.

If we don’t vote out those liberals in November and replace them with fiscal conservatives, God help our country. We will go bankrupt as a Nation. Don’t get distracted. Stay focused on making real change in Washington come November. Our CONSTITUTIONAL way to fight back is to Vote them out and Vote in Fiscal Conservatives.

email: willcooper@senkarik.com

This is a shot of my property. You can see why we herd cattle on horses.


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