Hamid Karzai

Quarter Horse Painted by Will Cooper

President Hamid Karzai, the leader of Afghanistan, got a taste of the Rules for Radicals recently.  Mr. Obama made his first and only trip to Afghanistan a few weeks ago.  He spent 25 minutes giving Mr. Karzai a lecture on corruption. If anyone knows corruption it’s our president from Chicago.  I’m sure the liberals wee-weed in their panties at the thought of our president flying over to Afghanistan, letting the leader of that Nation have a piece of his mind.  I’m sure the lecture got perks with Obama’s base, but it has almost destroyed our joint effort in Afghanistan. We now have 100,000 troops over there and Karzai is talking about joining with the Taliban to fight against the west. Obama insulted him deeply, Karzai is not going to sit still and take it. I don’t blame him.

I just finishing a great book: An American Soldier by General Tommy Franks.  He gives an in-depth account of the beginning of the Afghan war telling of Karzai being a freedom fighter with bombs falling all around him.  Franks was impressed with Karzai as a brave man and soldier. Hamid Karzai is a seasoned warrior and Mr.Obama treated him like he was a lackey of our country.  General Franks says Karzai speaks six languages fluently. Obama only speaks one.

George W. Bush made friends with Hamid Karzai and called him “Buddy.”   Bush spoke with the Afghan president once a month for as long as he served as our Commander-in-Chief. Bush also made many trips to Afghanistan, had Karzai over to the White House several times and brought out the best crystal. In truth Obama disrespected the leader of a country where our young men and women are being killed for freedom.

The Obama agenda was to use Saul Alenski’s Rules for Radicals against Karzai.  You target someone and focus on them, then marginalize and ridicule them. Obama and his staff dropped hints to the press that Karzai was on drugs. That he had mental problems.  This is their way of ridiculing their target.  The ploy didn’t work.  Karzai fought back and told Obama to shove it where the sun didn’t shine.  Folks, Karzai is a much smarter man than our president and both of them know it.  Karzai is a man of great courage. He knows everyday his life and family are in danger of being destroyed. His palace has seven levels of security, but that has not stopped the assassination of several other leaders. If push comes to shove Karzai is an excellent marksman and would fight to his death to save those he loves.

The White House has sent out stories that Karzai’s brother Mohamed is a drug dealer, but that’s never been proven. Another Rules of Radicals scheme to discredit the president of Afghanistan. General Stanley McChrystal is NOW trying to save our relationship with Karzai and undo some of Obama’s mess. These kinds of things are what happen when you have a rank amateur running the show. Sarah Palin is right, Obama is a Community Organizer with a couple of years experience as a part-time Senator and a full-time campaigner. He knows nothing about diplomacy.  This young man is about to destroy all the good will George W. Bush built up. I recommend you read General Tommy Franks’ great book.

email:  willcooper@senkarik.com


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