Obama bowing to the President of China,  hugging the Progressive President of Brazil, and shaking his finger in the face of our friend the Premier of Canada. This pretty much sums up Obama, bow to the strong, embrace the Socialists and lecture our friends.

A young man from Portland is the brains behind the movement to crash TEA Parties and attempt to sabotage the movement. His name is Jason Lewis and is a computer brain of some sorts. What he doesn’t realize is the majority of people attending TEA Parties are not rubes from the hicks.  The gatherings are full of doctors, lawyers and professional people. Many are small business owners and what Jason Levin fails to understand, you have to be pretty smart to make it as a self-owner.  It’s been my experience the folks at the TEA Party movement know the US Constitution and believe me, they have read it.  I promise none of the Union thugs that show up at liberal rallies have read the constitution. I doubt if those goons can even read.

Seldom do you see a misspelled sign and I have not seen any Hitler signs.  Without spell check I’d be in trouble, my signs would prove I’m illiterate. The beauty of a blog is my misspelled words get red lined. I’m also dyslexic, which makes me reverse letters.  Sometimes I write how for who. Does that mean I’m stupid?  I’m smart enough to get in out of the rain and to wear warm clothes when it’s cold.  With that said I don’t do signs, because I might mess up and not see my mistake.

The American citizens have seen their income drop 3.2% since Obama took office and we are being taxed up to our eye-balls with more increases to come.  Income grew 12.8% under Bush. We are not going to let some slobber nosed kids come into our meetings and sabotage them. The New York Times said this week, either the recession is not over or we have a double dip drop in the economy.  I’ve been trying to tell you the recession is not over. The only upward numbers in job movement of new people hired are Federal and those given government raises. The private sector is still not hiring, now interest rates have climbed so borrowing is a challenge leading to more non-hiring. Obama has already done more damage than the lefty planning to sabotage our meetings could ever do.

I’ll probably be one of the key speakers at our April 15th TEA Party and I promise I’ll be looking for crazy signs and people shouting racial slurs. If we see these plants we will eject them and get it all on film.  Members of the TEA Party know not to use the ‘N’ word.  Some may think it but none are stupid enough to use it.  We will be on the lookout for strange people giving television interviews. Our members know to step near the person being interviewed and should they say something slanderous we break in and call them out.

I’ll be disappointed if all my blog readers don’t attend a TEA Party rally April 15th, Tax Day. There will be over 900 rallies across America, pick one and go.  Our job is not over.  We have less than seven months to take our country back.  100% victory is possible, but not unless all of us collectively do our part.  Think November Victory.

The left tried to destroy Sarah Palin, but in the last nine months she has earned $12 million. So much for them sabotaging her. (smile)



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