Obama’s Granddaddy

Original Oil Portrait by Cowboy Will Cooper

I don’t know what to make of the fact the FBI destroyed Obama’s Grandfather’s records May 1, 1997.   Barack was 35 at the time the records were destroyed.  I’m not trying to build a sinister plot that indicts the world, I just want to make some sense as to why would a furniture store manager suddenly have the FBI feel the need to destroy all information on him?  One clue is Stanly Armour Dunham was very close friends with the black, radical, communist drug dealer Frank Marshall Davis.  Davis was so open about being a communist he was called before Congress where he pled the 5th. The guy carried his Member of the Communist Party card.

When Obama was ten his grandfather took him to meet Frank Marshall Davis, from then until Barack graduated from high school the radical communist was his mentor. He no doubt watched Davis deal drugs from his Chicago style hot-dog cart on Waikiki.  Davis sold both marijuana and cocaine from his cart, young Obama was there watching.  Is this where he got addicted to cigarettes?  Is this where the president first started doing drugs?  I’m not telling anything Obama has not said about himself. He admits to using drugs.  More important than the drugs was the things he was being taught.  Davis felt blacks were still slaves and whites could never be trusted…unless they were communists.

Was Obama’s grandfather a communist?  Davis trusted him and they were best buddies. Down here we say “birds of a feather flock together.”  It’s a fact Obama had 9 years of intense communist indoctrination, along with a heavy dose of Marxism and progressive ideas.  I mean progressive as a movement like Woodrow Wilson and FDR.  Bigger government, spreading your wealth.

Could it be some power mover had already picked Obama by the time he was 35 and knew his grandfather’s communist background would hurt the young, future president?  Someone with the power to control the FBI.  You say no one controls the FBI.  Think again. The Ted Kennedy family was allowed to remove all negative information on Teddy from the FBI files before they were recently released.

Would someone pick a young man to be president?  We have proof they do.  No doubt Bill Clinton was hand-picked.  He was allowed to meet John Kennedy at the age of 12.  He was helped to get in the right school and magically awarded a Rhodes Scholarship. While in London Bill went on a secret trip to Russia.  No other little boy from Arkansas went to Russia and met with the top brass.  Bill’s parents were not rich. His step-father was a car dealer, his  mother a nurse.

Obama, who probably was on a foreign scholarship for college was able to make a trip around the world while in school. Where did he get the money? I have traveled around the world and I’m here to tell you that it costs a lot of money. I didn’t travel first class, I paid my own way and the amount was staggering.

Stanly Dunham died in 1992.  Ann Dunham, Barack’s mother died in 1995 at the age of 52. What secrets did Stanly take with him?  Why was he important enough for the FBI to erase his records?   There are more questions about our one term president than there are answers.   Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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