Will Obama use the Nuke???

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

My TEA Party was rained out.  It’s been pouring cats and dogs on and off all day.

A friend and fellow rancher wrote me a great question this morning. He asked will Obama drop the nuclear bomb?  My friend didn’t think Obama has the courage to pull the trigger. I didn’t agree with him and here is why.  No one can argue that Obama is the most self-centered president we have ever had. FDR was self-centered, but Obama is way out ahead of him. Obama will do what he thinks best for his career.  He would blast his home country (Kenya) off the map if it meant he would be re-elected.  I’m only repeating what his wife said about Kenya being his home country. From her lips to my pages.

Please allow me to paint you a picture and fast forward to summer 2012 and Obama is way down in the polls. The media spreads the word that Venezuela has the nuke and is getting ready to blast Washington DC.  Make no mistake if him wiping that third world off the map would get him reelected he would do so without hesitation. Please understand EVERYTHING is about him.  There has never been a president in recorded history that used I like Obama does. The health care bill was not to help the citizens, but him passing a bill that FDR and Bill Clinton couldn’t push through. He didn’t care if half of his House Members and a dozen Senators were voted out, as long as his legacy says he passed the most complicated health care bill in the history of this great country.

Russia said yesterday that Iran will have a nuclear war head by August.  I don’t think Obama would drop the bomb just to save Israel. I’m not sure he would retaliate should they bomb NYC.  If the bomb happened in the summer of 2012 he wouldn’t hesitate. He knows to drop the bomb now would only spike him in the polls for a couple of months and then the reality of a nuclear war would hit the people.  I don’t think there is anything he wouldn’t do to win one more term.  Remember his goons tried to change the constitution so he could serve as long as he wished. That idea got shot down, but make no mistake the idea is still in the back of their minds.

Some worry about Martial Law and Obama not leaving office if he loses in 2012.  I think that is mostly fear talk.  I have no doubt Obama would do it if he could get away with it, but our military leaders will not let that happen. Some say he will use the military to pull off the Martial Law scheme, but they seem to forget the soldiers take a pledge to uphold the Constitution with their lives.  Be more afraid of Obama doing something stupid like nuking a third world country trying to stay in office rather than to lock us all down.

All the rumblings and Internet chatter is pointing to Israel to hit Iran soon.  Israel has asked their citizens to return from Syria and other places. Does this mean Israel is planning on going to war with Iran and wants its people out of harms way?  We live in complex times.   willcooper@senkarik.com


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