Tipping Point

No one robs a 7-11  in Israel.

Our great Nation is at a tipping point, will we go back to our conservative roots or slide into socialism?  The November elections will tell us a lot about the new direction for our country.  If Obama and his side win the America we all grew up in will be gone forever. America will end up a welfare state, where 40% of the population will be working and 60% on the government tit.  Why work when the government will take care of you? I saw some stats that were startling. 47% of Americans pay no taxes.  The past two weeks the jobless numbers have been much higher than expected.  I suspect higher than expected is a phrase invented by David Alexrod.  Every announcement of bad news seems to be higher than expected.  Bigger job loss numbers are not higher than expected. Anyone with half a brain would know we don’t have a climate that creates private jobs.  We will not have a recovery until we have a Congress and President who are pro business.

Obama just pushed through another $18 billion jobs bill.  He got 60 votes in the Senate because a Republican RINO from Ohio broke rank. Obama has been saying we will pay as we go. We passed a Pay-Go bill, but when he wants a few billion he pushes the bill aside.  Senator Colburn of OK and Senator Jim Bunning of KY both tried to block the bill, but a RINO caved. Folks, $18 billion is a pocket full of money, but Obama spends that amount as if it were nothing.

If we don’t vote this mentality out America will no longer be a Super Power. We will be a second-rate country. No enemy will fear us and no other country will respect us.  Not that I give a rat’s butt what other countries think, but I do want them to fear our military.

But the bottom line is, it’s on our backs which direction this country goes. If we vote in men and women who believe in smaller government and frugal spending we can re-direct America.  Before I became tied down to this dry land ranch I traveled the world. I was running from the pain of losing my wife. One trip I took was on a five masted sailing ship. The captain took us all on deck and showed us how to turn the ship by tacking.  He made a 360 turn using the sails and wind.  He proved it doesn’t matter the direction of the wind as long as you have know how and the will to do the job.  I’m asking you to pledge 100% of your life to saving America.  Live as if there was no tomorrow, because unless we seize the country from the clutches of socialism all of our dreams will be gone.  I think we have until 2012 to finish the complete turn. I’ve made up my mind, if we let the Democrats and RINOs stay in office I’m going to sell my ranch and move to Costa Rica, where I’ll paint and ship my art to various areas of the world. I won’t be able to take the yoke with a smile. If I stayed I’d end up in trouble with the government.  I hope you help me save America.   willcooper@senkarik.com


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