Right Wing Militias

Original Oil Portrait by Will Cooper

Bill Clinton said this week that we TEA Party people are going to spawn another Tim McVeigh and there will be another Oklahoma City bombing.  I guess it slipped Bill’s mind that many think the FBI had plants helping McVeigh rob banks to raise the funds for the bomb. Tim had no funds and robbing banks was the easiest way to get cash. If you will recall there was a foot of a dark-skinned man at the bomb scene that was never identified.  Was he a Muslim terrorist and an agent with the FBI?   Steven Jones, the attorney for Tim, said his client didn’t think anyone would be killed, but rather he was sending a message. Whoever helped him with the bomb making understood explosives and had a much stronger charge than the one Tim thought they were using.

I’ve said before an undercover Federal informant told the FBI there was going to be an attempt on the government building six weeks before it happened. She was a young girl whose father owned Mapsco, a mega company based in Tulsa.

Another strange thing is McVeigh was arrested about 50 miles north of Oklahoma City for having an out of date plate on his car. Cops never take people for jail because their plates have expired. They simply give a ticket, but not so with Tim.  Why?  Were they expecting him?  I think the Edmond police were tipped off. By who?  Probably the same FBI group that helped him in the first place.

Now we have arrested nine people from Michigan as right-wing extremist. No media is telling you that the two who did vote are Democrats. Also a FBI bomb expert infiltrated their group and was showing them how to make bombs. This is our government man teaching people with funny ideas how to blow up things. He planted seeds what they could do.  I’m talking about the Hutaree group. When you look at their photos the one with bright eyes and long hair is a FBI agent. When they were arrested they had done no crime. All the Feds have is what their agent said the group was planning to do. When did we start arresting innocent people on suspicion they are about to create a crime?  It has been said in the liberal press this dangerous group was going to kill police. They would make 9-11 calls and shot the cops when they came and use bombs at funerals. They wanted to start the war of Armageddon against the Anti-Christ.

What about the Mexican gangs in El Paso, who are already shooting at cops? The Mexican Militia put a gas pipe into the police station and if one of the cops struck a match, before the smell was detected the entire building would have blown up. Where is the FBI with these thugs?  I don’t think it’s possible for a FBI agent to gain any of their confidence. The Mexican Militia of El Paso recruits from kids they know.  No older man is going to gain confidence unless he proves himself by killing a few cops. Killing is not something a FBI agent can do to gain a spot in a gang.  They can do drugs and many do and get hooked, but murder is forbidden for an agent.  The gangs test those they are concerned about by making them murder someone.  Unless you are willing to murder in cold blood you won’t break into their ranks and besides they wouldn’t make national news like a few right-wing militia.

And finally why don’t the Feds go after the Muslim Militia training camps in Northern Virginia?  There are dozens of militia Muslim camps training young men for war and they are left alone.  I don’t think Obama will allow those groups to be touched.  I bet if they were Jewish militia camps they would be arrested.  Why, other than Obama’s intervention, would the Muslim’s  be allowed to operate in the open without fear of being arrested?

It’s clear to me the crack down on white right-wing militia groups is an attempt to paint them as TEA Party Members.  Trust me the Democrats fear our movement.

Mark Twain said, “I wouldn’t write so long if I had more time.”  I agree. (smile)

email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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