Like It or Not

This past week president Obama said, “Like it or not, we are a military superpower. Every time there is a small conflict we are pulled in.”  What a strange thing for the leader of the free world to say.  I can’t speak for America, but I can for myself and I LIKE IT that we have the most powerful military in the world.  I LIKE IT that we settle conflicts before they reach American soil. I LIKE IT our brave young men and women have pride in the uniform they wear.

President Reagan understood the importance of a powerful military and so did Teddy Roosevelt, who is famous for saying, “Walk softly and carry a big stick.”  They understood the importance of being strong. Nobody kicks sand in the face of Charles Atlas.

When World War II began we were not very strong.  American’s pride of exceptionalism rose to the surface and our beautiful women became Rosie the Riveter. Our kids not old enough to shave were sent to the front lines to keep the enemy at bay until we could become strong.  After defeating the Germans our attention turned to Japan. They also had a strong, powerful military, but we had something they didn’t.   After dropping two nuclear bombs the war was over. Japan surrendered without condition. Only when we were stronger were we able to win the war and stop the killing.

When I was in middle school my buddy, Charlie, and I were the toughest kids in the school. No one messed with Charlie and Will.  Then in the spring a big, rough-looking kid named Curley moved in.  Charlie and I talked it over, we felt we needed to take him out behind the football stadium and show him who ran the school.  Well, Curley beat the heck out of me and Charlie.  From then on is was Charlie, Curley and Will who ran the school.  Even middle school kids understand power. We were never bullies.  Many times we would break up fights and settle arguments.  We were the superpower of the middle school and I liked it.

Mr. Obama is putting America at great risk as he cuts back our nuclear program. He can’t wait to reduce our military. We tried that under Clinton and the moral in the military fell to an all time low.  Men like General Tommy Franks brought back pride to the service ranks.  Clinton would have loved to close the military down, but Bush loved the armed services and made us powerful again.  If Mr. Obama has his way we will become weaker than the army in Kenya.  Socialists hate a strong military. I just have to say one more time I LIKE IT when we are the strongest military power in the world.  Nobody messes with Joe.  I’m talking about GI Joe.   You can email me at:

The New Do!!!


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