A Black Day, April 19, 1993

A recent poll said 80% of Americans don’t trust the government.

Had the government waited one more day it would have celebrated Adolph Hitler’s birthday. April 19, 1993 was a black day in the history of America. This was when Bill Clinton and Janet Reno sent military tanks against a church group known as the Branch Davidians. The media tried to make it sound like the leader David Koresh had just started the church, or as the media would say, cult.  Not so, the group was formed in 1933 by a Bulgarian,Victor Houteff. He was a Seventh Day Adventist, but split off and moved his group east of Waco, Texas near where Mount Carmel was located. It was here that government forces burned the Branch Davidian compound to the ground April 19, 1993 and murdered seventy people, including twenty-four natives of the UK along with twenty small children and two pregnant women. The government blocked all the doors and set the large, two-story frame building on fire.  Some killed themselves rather than burn alive but many were killed in the raging fire.

A few were able to break through the walls and escape. One was a young man named David Thibodeau. I’m frankly surprised he is still alive. He says the government was spraying the back doors with bullets and jamming big tanks into the old building.  A few women made it to an old bus buried under the compound only to be suffocated by the smoke.

The seige had lasted 51 days, David was wanting to negotiate with the Texas Rangers, the only law people the Dravidians trusted; however the FBI and Clinton said let’s take them out.

David Koresh’s real name was Vernon Howell.  He changed his name to David, because the group believed Christ will return to sit on King David’s throne, but so do many evangelistic believers.  Their group believed their leader must be a prophet. Koresh was their prophet.

I know they dealt in guns.  But their trading at gun shows was legal. They swapped for old guns, made them like new and resold them. David Koresh was a good friend with the Waco sheriff.  Had the ATF really wanted to talk to David ALL the sheriff had to do was pick up the phone. Or they could have picked Koresh up when he was buying groceries. He was in and out of the compound.  The truth is the AFT went out with a show of force to justify their new budget coming up in a month or so.

It was the Feds who opened fire, wounding David with the first volley. The church members fired back in self-defense.

You may not think of the group as a church, but this is America where people can worship God as they are led. They can be Jehovah Witness, Mormon, Snake Handlers, Speak in Tongues or Four Square Baptist that immerse four times. Even the Rev. J. Wright’s place is considered a church.  I worship under a big oak tree. We don’t even have a name for our group.

People wonder why on April 19th, two years later there was a bomb at Oklahoma City. Perhaps it was because of  Waco or Ruby Ridge. American citizens were seeing the government, which is supposed to protect us, killing our people. A FBI agent killed Randy Weaver’s wife while she was holding a baby.

I pray we see no violence today or any day.  Let’s put our efforts into November and voting in fiscal conservatives who don’t believe in the government killing its citizens.

Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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