Oath Keepers

Have you paid your taxes?  If you didn’t pay on the 15th, then do so today.  Nancy needs her Botox fix.

I’m confused, there are the Oath Keepers and then The Real Oath Keepers. Both seem to be standing for the same thing.  They take an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution against both foreign and domestic enemies. I was not able to find the number of members either group has.  The membership is made up of cops, military and firemen, both active and retired. One of their goals is to resist American citizens being put in internment camps or prevent the government from declaring martial law.  Both groups will stand between “we the people” and government confiscation of our guns.  Their websites say they are not partisan. Pretty good stuff so far.   One small problem. Stewart Rhodes, a Yale man who started the Oath Keepers, works for Ron Paul.  I respect Mr. Paul as a man of integrity and one who stands for his beliefs, but could it be the little man from Texas is building a core of supporters under the guise of them being non political?   Rhodes/Paul Oath Keepers was started in March 2009 and had 2,000 paying members in a relatively short time.

Possibly one of my blog people will read this and set me up on the truth about the split and which Oath Keepers is the real group and which is a copy.  I’m here to learn.

We have another group who calls themselves 14th Amendment Citizens.  They think the Income Tax is illegal because the 14th amendment was not ratified in all of the states. They might be right, but try not paying taxes. You will go to jail.  If you  try to defend your position that the Income Tax is not legal, the judge will squelch your arguments. When I was a young man my dad had a friend who was worth a couple of million dollars.  He was also a 14th amendment guy. He went to court loaded for bear, but the judge didn’t let him raise any of his arguments and he went to jail for 10 years.

Yet another group is the Sovereign Citizens. This is a very complex group which is involved with the Redemptive Movement. They say our birth certificate is a lien to the government and that we should be able to draw from a million dollar fund our lien produced. They explain inalienable rights as In -A – Lien – Able.  It would take five blogs to try to explain. The bottom line is they also don’t pay taxes, because they are a government lien.

One group does have some legs to stand on. The Posse Comitatus was made law in 1876 at the end of the Reconstruction. The base of the law is the United States Military cannot be used as law enforcement like Janet Reno and Bill Clinton did at Waco. Each county in a state is sovereign and the person who has the power is the local sheriff.  He has the power to stop the Feds at the county line.  A now retired Arizona Sheriff named Richard Mack has made an industry talking about the Posse Comitatus.  Remember in the old movies when the local sheriff put together a posse?  They are obeying the Constitution.  Mack says the sheriff has the power to stop the IRS at the county line.  I’m no expert on law, so I won’t advise on this other than to say the Posse Comitatus is the real deal.

Dick Morris just came out with a statement that Bill Clinton is the one who gave the okay to kill women, children and some older folks at Mount Carmel (Waco). That is why he reappointed Janet Reno. She knew the truth and would have spilled the beans had she not been reappointed. Nuff said.

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