Muy Malo

Muy Malo is Spanish for Very Bad.  Things along the US/Mexican border have gotten out of hand. I heard a sheriff from Arizona say that the murder of Robert Krantz was a message to law enforcement.  He said the Mexicans were saying, “We are here and there is nothing you can do to stop us. We will kill anytime we feel like it and you cops are helpless to do anything about it.”  The hair rose on the backs of my arms with anger.   I’m upset about the government take over of the health care, banks, car companies and student loans.  I also know all of those radical mistakes can be corrected when we elect fiscal conservative, constitution loving men and women to serve in Congress.

I got a letter from a rancher who lives near Del Rio out close to Falcon Lake. He didn’t know my phone number and asked me to call him.  Part of his ranch is along the edge of the lake just west of the dam.  Last month some Zetas came over, taking he and his wife captive.  They stayed with him four days, killing a cow and making his wife cook them choice steaks.  I don’t like to guess ages but if pushed I’d say the man is almost 70 and his wife pushing 60.  They are not young people and were totally stressed over being told time and time again, “We ought to kill you and let the gringo cops see they can’t stop us.”

On the phone he broke down and cried.  He told me he and his wife made peace with God thinking at any moment one of the Zetas would burst through the bedroom door and kill them both.  He mostly makes his living selling hunting leases. The white tail deer down in his area are as large as mule deer and have great racks. He told me one of the men he sells a deer stand with their lease was robbed.  They were down checking out the stand to see if it needed repairs and some illegal thugs came upon the three men and robbed them. Then told them if they mentioned it to the cops they would find them and kill their families.  The illegals took their wallets with identification information. The three hunters are scared to death that the Zetas will seek them out and kill their families.  One man lost an expensive camera and all three lost top flight bows.

The rancher asked if I would come help. I guess someone told him I helped border ranchers.   It hurt to tell him there is nothing I can do.  If I go down there and end up killing a drug cartel gang member who is part of the Zetas then my Twins and their families would probably be killed. If I wound one I’ll be sued by the ACLU. If I killed one or several I’d be put on trial for murder and probably have to sell the ranch to hire a top flight lawyer. If I go and not be willing to kill then I’m of no use to the old man. He and I would both end up dead.  In his situation dogs won’t work.  The Zetas would come over and kill the dogs for sport. They stand on the Mexican side of the border and shoot cows on our side for fun. You know it’s bad when the local law enforcement won’t come to his aid. I hated to tell him, but I think his only option is to close up and move away from the home he has known since a kid.  He admitted he was no match for the illegal’s fire power, nor their numbers.  The old rancher didn’t know about Robert Krantz.  I could hear the shock in his voice.  After I hung up my soul was restless, I didn’t sleep well. Why is this story not on FoxNews or CNN?

The media won’t tell you, but we have had several border police killed by these gangs.  The people coming over are not looking to pick strawberries, they are drug smugglers, human traffickers and the criminal element. John McCain said 17% of those we capture were wanted for crimes committed earlier in the United States.

These kinds of monster crimes are occurring all along the border. Will Obama send troops to protect American citizens?  Frankly, I doubt it. The scattered ranchers are not many votes. He will no doubt go to the aid of ACORN and SEIU first. More votes.


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