Where Do I Start?

For those of you who have been rat-holing a few $100 bills for a rainy day will soon have to find a way to launder them. The government is getting ready to issue new Euros to us. Well, maybe not the actual European currency, but our new $100 bills look just like those in Europe.  The Obama  administration wants us to be like Europe so much they can taste it.  It’s time for you to go into the backyard and dig up those coffee cans full of cash. The government says they are changing the bill to make them harder to forge. I suspect it’s an attack on the billions in American currency collected by drug cartels. When switching out your bills, remember all transactions of over $10,000 are reported. Trade out $9,900. I’m not giving legal advice, I’m only saying that is what I’d do if I had any money stashed.

The story is just breaking. About 50 big SUVs blocked all the streets around a Holiday Inn Hotel in Monterey, Mexico.  Monterey is the third largest city in Mexico and located about 70 miles from the Texas border.  There are conflicting reports, but between 3 and 7 people were kidnapped.  The cops could not get through the road blocks to reach the hotel until the SUVs left.  We do know the kidnappers were military trained and heavily armed. Probably the work of the Zeta drug cartel.

Senator Tom Harkins, (Jane Fonda’s ex) wants to pass a $25 Billion stimulus bill to bail out our school systems. Why didn’t they budget schools in the $850 bailout bill they passed not long ago?  The Democrats just jammed through a $23 Billion second jobs bill.  When will Congress stop spending money we don’t have?  It’s painful to see our country being destroyed before our eyes and we are powerless to stop the spending. The Democrats have total power and they are using it to spend and drive up the debt. I think it’s their way of forcing taxes on us.  Just you watch, we will see a strong pitch for a VAT (Value Added Tax).  The argument will be if we don’t do a VAT the country will go bankrupt.  November can’t get here fast enough.

With Marco Rubio climbing to super start status the Democrats has turned the IRS loose on him. They are trying to prove Rubio somehow used the campaign credit cards for personal use.  It’s a weak claim, but like a rattlesnake, you make one mistake and you are dead. It’s clearly a political move, because Rubio is a Reagan fiscal conservative on the rise. The Democrats want to stop him before he becomes a Senator and gains legs to run for president.  The best way to keep a tiger from eating your babies is to kill him when he is still young.  Make no mistake in thinking Rubio is not a force to be dealt with.  He has Sarah Palin qualities, without the media’s vitriol. I will follow what is happening to him, because it’s people like Marco who are the future of the nation.

A reader asked if the police had caught the thug who has been raping elderly women east of San Antonio.  The answer is sadly no. Governor Perry put two Texas Rangers on the case and the police think that scared the rapist into leaving the state. He is probably somewhere down in Florida raping more elderly and helpless ladies. He needs to be castrated and made to eat them raw.

Finally, my ribs are still sore. I didn’t realize it took so long for broken ribs to heal.  email:   willcooper@senkarik.com

Government workers!


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