Feeling Secure?

I read a horrifying story this week. I can’t fault the writer for breaking the story, but I wish they hadn’t because they exposed a very dangerous machine. Now the terrorists know the machine is available for about $300 in any sporting goods store. In fact, anywhere hunting equipment is sold. The terrorists can go online in Yemen and order one online.

What am I talking about?  A few years ago a couple of Texas guys invented a small machine (8″x4″x3″ weighing under five pounds) for hunters.  In field tests, deer, elk and hogs have walked within five feet of a man wearing this Scent Killing Machine.  The only reason I know about the device was my local gun shop tried to sell me one when they first came on the market. The machine kills the bacteria that cause odor, eliminating all human smell.  Even a bloodhound can’t track a man wearing this devise. Hunters love them, because they can get in their blind and deer can’t pick up their scent. The cost of this Ozone Machine is about $300.

But there are other scents this little machine blocks.  It blocks the dogs at the border from smelling drugs.  You have seen videos of a dog going crazy when they smell dope and then the cops begin tearing the car apart to find the stash. With the Odor Blocker machine the dogs are worthless. Unless the cop “smells” something is wrong the drugs will flow freely into the states and money can go back undetected. Any drug dealer who learns of this machine will have no qualms in spending that small amount to slip $5 million worth of drugs into our country.

But that is not the real tragedy this little machine can help facilitate. Dogs can’t smell bombs when the ozone machine is running. Like the dogs in New York’s Grand Central Station. Bombers can walk right past the dogs, pat the animal on the head and no signal will be smelled by the dog.  In London and Paris they have dogs at the front doors of the airport terminals. This is to prevent a bomber from getting in the lobby, blowing him/herself up and killing 500 people.  Now, thanks to the ozone machine, a suicide bomber can waltz past the sniffing dogs and walk inside to the spot that will kill the most people.

The ozone machine is legal. I could go in the morning and purchase 100 if I wished.  I fear now that there has been a major article published on the ozone machine we might see something horrible happen in the New York Subway. I pray not, but the article on this machine just made the possibility much higher.  In the past if you were not a hunter you wouldn’t know. But thanks to the New York Times now the world knows. Trust me on this, drug cartels and terrorists will start using this little device designed to help deer hunters…especially bow hunters who like to get close to the animals.   Email:  willcooper@senkarik.com


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