Illegal is Illegal

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

I guess this sounds like a play on words, but where I come from illegal is illegal.  The term illegal alien says two things. Someone is here illegally and they are not a citizen of our country.  The misnomer of all this is we have people demanding illegal aliens have rights. Go to Mexico and see what kinds of rights you have.  You can’t even buy property. You have to get a 99 year lease. I looked at buying a ranch down there before I moved here in the sweet spot of Texas. You have no legal rights in Mexico because to them you are a criminal if you  are in the country illegally.  If you have a lot of money to invest the Mexican government might look the other way after you bribe half of the country.

I know of no law that gives rights to criminals. You may not like hearing me say this, but if anyone is here illegally, they have broken the law.  The Obama administration has coined the phrase undocumented workers.  The government has been successful in painting a picture of the illegals as a beaten down group that is coming to the United States to do the dirty work that whites don’t want to do, like picking fruit and trimming grape vines.  If that was the case we could grant them worker green cards and after the crops are picked they would have to go back home.  However, that is not the case. A majority coming over are associated with drug gangs. They run drugs into the country, then money and guns back south. They traffic in humans. Girls as young as twelve are being brought over for prostitution. 17% of those we catch are wanted for crimes they committed here in our country.

One of the sheriffs along the Arizona/Mexican border said his men get into 20 to 25 high-speed chases a day.  The police flash for a vehicle to pull over and it takes off.  On a regular basis his men are fired on from the fleeing vehicle.

Arizona just passed an immigration law that allows the police to arrest any who are not citizens of this country.  Governor Brewer, a Republican, signed the bill into law. She says the police will be able to start arresting in July.

Obama and the ACLU are both up in the air on the law.  Angry is a better word.  Obama wants to give those low-class criminals citizenship so they can vote in block for him in 2012. Look for the Democrats to rush an immigration bill into the Senate.  Unfortunately we have the RINO Lindsey Graham who is jumping  up and down with joy to grant amnesty to the illegals.

This week I asked the twins who work for me what they thought about the Arizona bill.  Keep in mind their heritage goes back to the Alamo. Their distant grandfather signed the Texas Declaration of Independence. They are also 100% Mexican. I don’t like the work Latino and neither do they. One asked me, “When will Texas step up to the plate and follow Arizona?” The other nodded his approval.  Mexicans who are American citizens are not in favor of illegal aliens marching in protest for their rights.  They have a right to go to jail and then be deported. No more catch and release.  We need to catch, let them serve some jail time and then send them home, with the promise next time they will be locked up for at least a year. I hope Texas has the courage to follow Arizona. New Mexico won’t and I doubt if California will either. Too many liberals to appease.


A friend from the frozen north sent this to me. It’s true. If Arizona votes to make candidates produce a birth certificate then in essence they are filibustering the presidential election. Obama cannot be elected unless all 50 states vote.  I hear Oklahoma might be considering the same rule where you must show a birth certificate. Georgia is considering the same illegal alien law as Arizona.


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