Is Obama Legal?

This is a 1963 copy of a live birth certificate.  If Obama’s was real it would have this format.

This style form was not used until about 5 years ago. It can’t be Obama’s real live birth form. His would look like the one on top.

Purported to be Obama’s actual Kenyan birth certificate. I don’t know if it’s real or fake.

47% of the American people don’t even believe Obama is a natural-born citizen.  This number has grown exponentially the past six months.  Why?  Conservatives like Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity, Levine and a host of others either refuse to address the question or ridicule those who believe he’s not a natural-born citizen.  Many who think he isn’t legal don’t speak up for fear of being made a laughing joke.

To be honest, I don’t know. I wish the president would produce a real birth certificate and put this to rest.  I find it strange the president won’t show anyone his long form birth certificate or school records.  Why would he spend almost $2 million to keep all of his records secret? What is he hiding? This troubles me.  I had to show my birth certificate to play little league baseball.

Texas Democratic governor candidate Bill White won’t show his income tax records. We know what he is hiding, the millions he made by being in bed with big oil. In Texas White will either show his records or be humiliated in defeat at the polls.  Perry will hang that around his neck. Unlike John McCain who wouldn’t let Sarah Palin go after Obama. I blame McCain for putting Obama in the White House.

Hillary Clinton started on Obama’s birth certificate issue but suddenly pulled back. What did she learn?  Is what she found the reason she has her current job. Quid Pro Quo?  Was his secret so big it landed her a top job in the administration?

Attorney Orly Taitz is the most targeted lawyer in America. She is the leading warrior in the fight to expose Barack Obama’s in-eligibility to reside in the White House.  It appears to me her best shot is Obama’s purported use of several Social Security cards.  From what I understand she has proof that both Barack and Michele Obama used multiple Social Security cards.  Ms. Taitz hired private investigators to find out how many different Social Security cards Obama has used.  According to Dr. Orly Taitz Mr. Obama has used as many as 39 different Social Security numbers.  One card was issued in Connecticut to an individual born in 1890. That person would be 120 years old.  Remember, Obama never lived in Connecticut. Worst of all, none of the Social Security cards were issued in Hawaii.  Why?

I think the meat of Dr. Orly Taitz’s case is identity theft and Social Security fraud.

Bill O’Reilly’s argument is the births were announced in two Hawaiian newspapers.  Bill doesn’t take into consideration that Obama’s white grandmother lived in Hawaii and would call the papers to put in the birth announcements.  Grandmother gave her home address as the place of birth for the male child. According to Obama’s books he was born in a Hawaiian hospital.  He says one hospital and his sister named the other hospital.  Barack Obama Sr. address was not the place of birth recorded in the newspapers. Perhaps granny knew the importance of her grandson having cover to show he was a citizen.  She worked in the Bureau of Records and would understand the importance of citizenship. She’d know to call the newspaper to announce the birth.

The short form birth certificate that Mr. Obama has posted is the one hospitals began using about five years ago. The short form is a forgery. If he had the real short form it would look a lot different in format.  What is real about Mr. Obama?

I’m sending Dr. Orly Taitz some money. She is running to be the Attorney General of California. If elected she can force Mr. Obama to show his records or not be on the California state ballot.  I’m going to work to help her win. Then in two years proof will have to be given or he is one and done.  email:


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