Arizona vs The World

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

I’m not finished bragging about Arizona.  The state has been pushed to the limit and now they are fighting back. It’s clear the Obama administration is not going to accept the responsibility of sealing the borders. In truth he wants more illegals coming across, not less. His goal is to flood our great country with illegals from Central America and Mexico, then find a way to fast track these people into citizenship.  Lou Dobbs did a story on the new immigration bill which is sickening. The new bill would allow illegals to become citizens in 24 hours and not wait for their background check to clear. In short, criminals will be allowed to become citizens.

Here is what you don’t hear. An average of three American agents are assaulted every day along the border.  Someone is kidnapped every 35 hours in Phoenix. Most of these are by illegal aliens. One in five American kids use Mexican drugs each year. We need to close the border. If it means shooting those who come across illegally I’m for it. Whatever it takes to stop the free flow into our country.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer said on Gretta that 80% of the 1,000 illegals a day who are coming over the border have a criminal record. I didn’t realize the number was that high.  Her position is we have to protect the citizens of Arizona.

Remember me going to help the old rancher whose property runs along the edge of the Rio Grande River?  He took me around and showed me the litter being left by these criminals.  He has over a hundred old backpacks his men have found in his pasture. We saddled up and rode into the open pastures, the landscape looked like a rock concert had just left town. Baby diapers, newspapers, water bottles and gallon jugs. I found chips bags, candy wrappers and cooking utensils. Have you ever been to a Circus the day after the show has closed?  Or better yet, a Union rally in Washington DC? Visualize the clutter and debris left in those situations, then double, even triple, the amount and you are getting close to what the illegals are doing to peoples’ property in Arizona.

I’ve heard from some residents of Arizona and they are thrilled with the new law.  None of them see this as profiling. Frankly I don’t care if the cops profile. I think it’s time we profiled air passengers. I’m tired of little 70-year-old white women and 5-year-old, blue-eyed, blond hair kids being pulled aside and treated as is they were the Christmas bomber. Or in one case the kid was in braces, unable to walk without them. The airport security made him remove his braces and drag his frail body through the metal screen check.  100% of all air plane terrorists have been dark-skinned, young Muslim men.  Likewise there are few white illegals slipping over the Mexican border into our country. 99.99999% are Mexican or Central American, all look the same.  If I’m a cop and spot a car with 20 Mexicans crammed in, I’m thinking illegals. I’ll find a law they break so I can pull them over.  Once a cop thought I was drinking.  He followed me until I switched lanes without clicking my signal lights. After he stopped me he discovered I was drinking a Coke from a bottle.  He didn’t even write me a warning ticket.  He gave me a mini lecture and sent me on my way. On the highway I seldom use the signal lights to indicate I’m switching lanes and that is the only time I was pulled over. Clearly he was not concerned about my lack of signaling a switch in lanes, but rather that I might be drinking and driving.  Arizona will look for infractions in the law to pull people over. Or if they spot a person dealing in drugs or selling their bodies on the streets, they will be questioned. If they can’t prove they are here legally they will be arrested.  Way to go Arizona! I tip my hat to your bravery. email


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