Glenn Beck for President???

First I want to thank my several Arizona collectors for your information and support. Hearing from you means a lot to me.  We who love this country are disgusted with the way the left is making you the bad guys and forcing some to cancel reservations to stay at resorts in your great state. They want to choke your ability to earn money.  I hope the left gets a backwash for their evil deeds. God Bless Arizona for taking a stand. Too bad Texas will not follow.

I’m not a full-time Glenn Beck listener. From time to time I catch him on the radio for brief spurts. I do TIVO his television program and by and large he is pretty good on the tube, but he sucks on the radio. He gets too silly for me. There is a fine line between being silly and satirical. Rush is the master of satire humor. Rush is cleaver and Beck gets too goofy. It’s okay to have someone like Beck on radio and television, but I don’t want another divider to lead our great country.

A faithful reader asked me to comment on Glenn Beck and what I thought he was up to bashing all Republicans with the same big brush he is painting the Democrats to be crooks. Deep down he has to know men like Jim DeMint, John Cornyn, the two Senators from Oklahoma, John Thune and John Kyl are stand up people. The vote is still out on Scott Brown, but he is a vast improvement over what was there. There are many more solid people in the Senate and the House has a gaggle of good men and women. All of these people need to keep their seats.

If Beck had his way he would vote out everyone in both Houses.  Frankly I’ll still take Kay Bailey Hutchinson over any Democrat that Texas would send to Washington.

Think about this. Beck is pushing his 9-12 group, rather than merging them with the TEA Party. Which in truth they are the same. The same people who go to 9-12 meetings are TEA Party at heart and most of them are members.  You have to ask yourself why does Beck want to split the groups. Could it be he is hoping the 9-12 group will draft him to run for the office of President? They would give him a strong base.  Beck has spoken to a lot of TEA Party rallies. In fact he makes an extra effort to speak. He knows the TEA Party group has the same values and attitude as the 9-12 people.  I suspect he is counting on the TEA Party folks to merge with his force and give him a giant base to run on.

Call me sceptical, but why else would he throw great Americans under the bus? The Senators I mentioned and several I didn’t need to be in Washington. I’d have more respect if Beck said there are some great Republicans, we need to get these good Senators and Representatives people who will work with them to repeal the mess Obama and the Democrats have made.

As anyone who has panned for gold will tell you, the secret is to wash the dirt until you see the nuggets.  If Beck was as smart as he says he is, then he would carefully pan the dirt and find the gold.  I remember a few weeks back Beck had Paul Ryan on his show and it was clear Glenn was getting ready to prove Paul was a Progressive. The more they talked you could see Beck realizing what a strong and great man Ryan is. To Beck’s credit he admitted he was wrong about Ryan, but if Paul had not been on his show then Glenn would have kept him under the bus.

It’s like cutting cows, you wean out the weak and ornery, keeping the good ‘ens. This November we need to get rid of the Democrats and fake Republicans, replacing them with fiscal conservatives.  We have to reverse the disastrous things Obama and the Democrats have done.  Email:


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