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Can We Say Cover UP?

May 31, 2010

The book is How to be a President For Dummies

To be the smartest man to ever live the president is doing some pretty dumb things.  Do they really expect us to believe Rahm asked Bill Clinton to do a Chicago style job for the adminstration?  After 309 days and tremendous pressure the president had a news conference. But some reporter stepped out of line. He asked about the Joe Sestak case. The question is did Obama offer Sestak a job? My answer is unequivocally YES!!!

If you want to see the Chicago shuffle then seek out the YouTube on Obama’s answer.  He stuttered, stammered and eventually said, “We did nothing wrong. I’ll have an answer for you shortly.”

His next stop was a visit with Bill Clinton and I suspect that is when he asked the perjured ex-president to do what he does best, lie.  Suddenly it was all Bill’s fault. Bill offered Sestak a job, not Obama. With Mr. Obama it’s always someone other than him who is wrong.

One problem. The job that was said to be offered was one both Bill and Barry knew was not legal. You cannot be in the House or Senate and serve in the Executive branch. This is clearly defined in the constitution. The same constitution we have been told Obama taught. In their haste to cover up the crime they made the mistake of saying they offered an illegal job.  It doesn’t matter if Sestak was not going to get paid, he could not serve two masters. The founders saw the conflict and wrote  protections into our constitution. He would have had to resign his House job to work in the Obama administration for free or for pay.

You would think a Chicago politician would cover his tracks better. This cover up is pretty much like every thing the administration has attempted; weak and amateurish. Look at George W. Bush; he blew up the Twin Towers and was able to cover it up by making it look like 19 radical Muslims flew planes into the buildings. Bush invaded Iraq for oil but covered it up by letting China sign a 20 year agreement to extract the petroleum.  Let’s face it, Bush knew how to cover up a crime. Of course he had Dick Cheney, the master of cover up, as Vice President. (smile)

Second on my list is Obama knew the oil well hole had not been fixed when he gave the Friday press conference. But he acted like he was on top of the problem since day one. He had a laser like focus on the problem, but three hours was all he could spend on the oil issue. He had a five-hour golf game to play.  Several liberal news reporters are all over Obama for doing nothing about the oil spill.  He totally ignored the problem for nine days. It was like a little blue haired driver, if she doesn’t look at you she feels she has the right-a-way.  If Obama doesn’t acknowledge it then perhaps the oil spill will go away.

BP is now saying it will be August before the hole is plugged.  Obama and the Democrats see their careers sinking.  I think there are several workable ideas to help but people can’t get Obama to approve of them. We have tankers that can separate water from the oil, but they have not been approved.  Governor Bobby Jindal  wants to build sand berms to stop the oil from getting into the wet lands, but the Obama folks won’t give him approval.  I hope you remember Obama’s actions in November. Let’s throw the trash out in November.




May 30, 2010

Thanks to those serving and those who gave the final sacrifice for our freedom.

I often tell you that I’m a broken down cowboy and many of you shout back that it’s not so. But in truth it is a fact. For those of you new to my country blogs I tried to join the U. S. Marines after I graduated from college. When I went in for my physical the doctor took one look at the scars on both of my knees and began to smile. “Nice try young man, but your body couldn’t stand up to the demands of a United States Marine.

“But Sir, I have been playing college football on these knees and, if I might say so, with some success.”

“I guess our standards are higher than your football coach. We need young men who are physically sound. Sorry Mr. Cooper I’ll have to mark you up as 4-F.

When I see a young man or woman in uniform I’m painfully reminded that my bad knees prevented me from serving. So from now on when I tell you I’m a broken down cowboy, don’t doubt me.  Maybe if we had been in a war like WWII they would have taken me, but today’s army is the cream of the crop.  Under Mr. Clinton the army had dropped pretty low.  He allowed misfits and dropouts to join. They had no discipline or pride in serving. It was three hots and a cot to them.

But when General Tommy Franks took over the army he demanded a disciplined, pride filled, group of warriors.  He got his wish.  Today we have the best military in the world. In fact we have the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th best military in the world.

I’m writing this blog before I go to church under the big oak. When my men and their families get home from Mass they are coming over to the ranch house. The women will cook and the men and I will rope some goats. That is why I keep the Spanish goats, besides the men love goat meat.  I found a local watermelon raiser selling giants beside the road. I purchased 12 big ones and put them in a horse watering tank, then poured in 10 bags of ice.  We will have cold watermelon and hot bar-b-que this afternoon.  We will sing God Bless America and tip our hats to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so we can celebrate with our families.  My long-legged girl friend and her parents will be at the get together. She is going to join the men roping goats.  I’ve roped with her before, the gurl is good.

One exit thought. Mr. Obama spent three hours looking at the oil slick in Louisiana. That is as long as he could spare and still get in his five-hour golf game in Chicago.  While on the shore he glanced up and noted they sure had a lot of crows along the beach. I guess the president had never seen seagulls.

Less we forget. Army Maj. Gen. John Logan designated May 30th to honor the nearly half million soldiers lost in the Civil War. The national holiday was moved to the last Monday in May in 1971. God bless the fallen and those who serve. Email:

Thanks Tim for sending me this image. It’s good reminder for us not to forget who Mr. Obama is.

Bring In The Texas Rangers

May 29, 2010

Well, maybe not the modern Texas Rangers, they are handicapped by all the new rules. The politically correct way. I would like to share the story of Charlie Miller, Texas Ranger in the 1930ies and 1940ies.  Ranger Miller was a handsome, blue-eyed feller with a kind voice. He tipped his hat to ladies and never used a swear word.  Early in his career he was arresting three punks when one jumped on his back.  Charlie grabbed his Old WWII Army 45.  The safety is on the grips and the thugs prevented him from squeezing the handle.  They almost killed him before he freed his gun hand.  He ended up shooting all three.  I assume they died, but I’m not sure.  The next day Charlie wrapped his gun handle with buckskin straps. The buckskin pulled the safety lever and the gun was ready to fire. The remainder of his life Charlie kept his 45. tucked in his belt with the safety off.

When the horrible hurricane Camille hit Corpus Christi the big ranchers were about to go to war. The storm destroyed the fences , cattle were mingling and many had not been branded. Charlie showed up and met with two very angry owners.  Each had claim on a fine young bull.  Charlie listen for a spell, then pulled his 45 and shot the bull.  “Gentlemen divide the meat. Got any more animals I can help you with?”  Suddenly the angry ranchers became very helpful to each other.  The war was averted. Charlie was demoted from Sergent to Ranger.

He was stationed on the Rio Grande and from time to time he had to deal with illegals.  Charlie either killed them or they ran for home.  The local Mexicans hated him. His job was to secure the border and in his section no one came through.  On one occasion he spotted a Mexican on the Texas side of the river and a gun fight broke out. Charlie spoke perfect Spanish so he shouted, “I’m hit.”

The Mexican answered in Spanish, “I’m also hit.”

Charlie replied, “But I’m hit real bad.”

“Senior, I am also hit real bad.’

Charlie then shouted, “Then let’s stand up like men and get one of us out of our misery.”  Charlie later said, “Can you believe that guy was stupid enough to stand up?”

As was his practice Charlie had breakfast in Mexico.  After the last killing the cafe owner didn’t want to serve the Ranger coffee. Charlie stood up and shot a hole in the big metal coffee urn. He stepped behind the counter with his tin cup and filled it as the coffee poured through the hole.  Homer Garrison, the head of the Texas Rangers, fired Charlie for shooting the coffee pot.

On his way to San Antonio to be fired word was sent by telegraph that three bank robbers were heading his direction and he was ordered to apprehend them. A Constable was raveling with Charlie. When they saw the fast black Ford speeding down the dirt road Charlie stepped into the ditch while the Constable stood in the middle of the road.  As the car approached the Constable panicked, diving into the ditch. Charlie calmly shot all three robbers in the head as the car passed.  He later said it was like shooting ducks in a pond.  With that heroic effort he couldn’t be fired.  In fact Charlie served several years past retirement age. Homer Garrison kept changing his retirement date allowing him to serve well into his 70ies.   We need Charlie Miller today.  If the illegals knew a Texas Ranger was on this side and planned to kill them the illegal problem would be solved.   email:

John Ladd Ranch

May 28, 2010

Rancher Robert Krentz, killed by illegal aliens on his ranch.

Mr. John Ladd is a fifth generation Arizona rancher.  He is one of the unfortunate to border Mexico.  His sprawling ranch has a 10 mile long border with Mexico. In a recent interview he revealed that 500,000 illegal aliens had been captured on his ranch. He said the Border Patrol told him they were catching about 25% of those coming across. This means in the past decade 2,000,000 illegals have invaded and damaged his property.

John’s property is long and thin, sorta like mine. He has 14,000 acres but it’s only three miles wide.  If the illegals can get across his property they have transportation waiting to pick them up.

His home has been broken in to 7 times and another home on his property 4 times. John fears for his wife. She keeps herself locked in their home. He is frightened for his children and his 80 year-old parents.  His parents hire a house sitter when they go into town for supplies.

I’ve shown you images of the trash the illegals leave. 2,000,000 people can leave a mass of waste, both physical and human.  The spots where the illegals cluster is a cess pool of human feces and disease carrying litter.  Backpacks, plastic bottles, soda cans, cigarette butts, beer bottles, candy wrappers, diapers and a litany of trash too numerous to name. I’ve seen this disgrace up close and personal.

Instead of having $17,000 caviar, doing fund-raising, and partying with the Duke Basketball Players the president should have come to Arizona and seen with his own eyes the Hell these good people are enduring. Instead of helping them Obama has instructed the government to sue Arizona.

His attitude toward Arizona reminds me of a woman kidnapped and hauled into the country, beaten and raped. Then set free in the middle of no where. She sees a car and signals it to stop, trying to hide her nude body.  The man who stops rapes her again.  Arizona is getting raped by the illegals, our government is piling on and raping the state again.

Obama has finally gone to the Gulf of Mexico for a photo-op.  He spent three hours having his picture taken and then in the afternoon flew back to Chicago. He spends five hours on the golf course. He cares more about golf than the good people of the Gulf Coast.  He showed up  38 days after the oil rig exploded. He is too busy with vacations and playing golf to be bothered with the oil slick. After all the oil slick was Bush’s fault. Bush caused the rig to explode. That damn Bush, he is still destroying America in spite of all Obama is doing.

You simply cannot grasp the magnitude of the filth being left along the border until you see it with your own eyes.  You don’t know the fear of living on the border unless you are one of the victims. Ranches have bars on their windows and boards to securely lock buildings from the inside.  Remember the forts in the movies where a big pole is places across the gates? Today’s ranchers are installing similar locking systems to secure their homes. They are preventing illegals from kicking their doors open.  Shame on Mr. Obama for refusing to help.  As I told you, none of the 1,200 troops will be on the border. They will be in air-conditioned offices.  If this mess won’t get you involved for November, then you are dead and have yet to realize it.

This is why Obama will not stop the illegals at the Border…he wants their votes.

Leadership, Where Has IT Gone?

May 27, 2010

This is a photo of the work area of typical left winger who challenges my blogs.

This is a somber moment as I contemplate the loss of a friend and faithful reader of my blog.  A lady who stood tall for America, even though she was tiny in physical size. God took her home.  Her name is Shay.  I know of no one who fought harder for our freedom and the effort to elect fiscal conservatives. She and Pam marched on Washington during the Health Care mess.  I know God felt He needed her at his side, we earth-bound folks will miss her tireless effort to save America.  Sitting here I realize I don’t even know her last name, but He does and that’s what matters. We miss you Shay.

Not even the most liberal reading this blog can defend Obama’s Leadership. The man has never led any group in his entire life. He has been a community organizer. That is not a lesson in leadership. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were leaders. Jack Kennedy, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were powerful leaders.

Do you realize it’s been 36 days, or will be by the time you read this message, and Obama has still not visited the oil spillage in the Gulf of Mexico.  I think he is going down there Friday for a photo-op.  For almost three weeks Governor Bobby Jindal has been begging Obama for permission to build sand berms to stop the oil from getting in the low wetlands.  The EPA is saying they must do a study on the impact of the berms. How stupid is Washington?  If Louisiana doesn’t put the berms in place NOW then the entire lower coast lands will be filled with oil. If you have ever been to Louisiana you know that a lot of the state is marshland. The oil can travel inland to Interstate 10 and beyond. This is a case of government regulations preventing a great state from saving its wetlands.

There are several big tankers waiting for a leader to send them into the gulf. These tankers suck up water and oil, separating the two, spitting the water out. Governor Bobby Jindal, a leader, has been pressing the Obama administration to put the tankers to work.  I get the feeling Obama doesn’t care what is happening to Louisiana.  I know for sure he doesn’t care about Texas and Arizona.  Governor Rick Perry has been writing letters to Obama and his key people for months. Perry wants help with the border.

The papers are full of the threat of terrorists coming through the Texas/Mexico border. They make it sound like we only have one threat and if we catch those few bad guys all will be well.  When in truth we are having radical Muslim terrorists crossing over every day.  If there are Somalia terrorists coming across, you know many are already here. We have an open border. A smart coyote can slip the bad guys through and we would never know it.

Obama is sending 1,200 troops.  That’s like trying to clean up the oil slick with paper towels.  McCain, Kyle and Cornyn asked for 6,000.  Obama is like a spoiled kid. Instead of leading he is sending a token number of troops so he can have another photo-op.  I pray a real leader steps forward to remove Obama in November 2012.  I’m tired of living under a leaderless government.

And, oh by the way. The 1,200 troops will not be sent to the border. They will be on the backside helping in the Border Patrol offices.  Obama said today he had the 1,200 in the works long before Arizona’s new bill.  He said he wants to stop the flow of guns south. How lame is that.  Anyone with half a brain knows the drug cartels don’t depend on us for guns. They buy ship loads from other countries.  A few small operators buy American guns.  Only about 17% of the guns in Mexico come from the US.


This is the home of a couple of left wingers. The kind who write to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Mexico Be Damned

May 26, 2010

Cattle Dipping for Fever Ticks

I have the dipping vat full and according to my vet the right amount of chemicals for that volume of water.  As you who have been reading my blogs know, I seldom get angry. I’m past angry now, I’m mad.  You know, like a foaming at the mouth dog. I’m ticked off enough to hurt someone.  If Obama made the borders secure then I wouldn’t have to worry about tick infested cattle from Mexico coming across and the ticks spreading to my ranch.  It’s too dangerous for US inspectors to live down in Mexico and inspect their cattle for ticks.

Do you have any idea the work involved to dip cattle?  First the vat has to have exactly the right mixture of chemicals. Too much can blind the cattle and kill the calves. Not strong enough it won’t kill the ticks.  First I have to run through about thirty head of stirrer cattle.  This bunch mixes the chemicals in the vat.  The stirrer batch gets a second swim.

Since we don’t have any ticks yet I will wait a couple of weeks and send the animals through again. If there were ticks I’d have to dip the cattle 8 or 9 times and remove them from the tick infested pasture. In my case I would have only a 40 acre plot I could move them to, which means hand feeding till the ticks in the infested pasture die off.

Deer and wildlife are a different thing. We have to put corn out that is  ivermectin-treated. Several of the ranches in my area are talking about putting out the corn. I think most will double dip their animals.

Now Obama is going to send 1,200 National Guardsmen to the border.  McCain, Kyle and Cornyn all asked for 6,000 troops to stop the invasion of illegals. The Sheriff of Pima County Arizona was on Gretta last night and said the 1,200 will be of little help.  In his county up to 3,500 illegals cross each day.  He gave an example about Yuma. President Bush sent troops to Yuma and cut the illegals coming over by 95%.  He said before Bush, Yuma got 300,000 illegals a year, now they are down to about 7,000.

Out of the 1,200 troops Arizona will get maybe 300.  They have to be spread across Texas, New Mexico and California. Obama wants to pretend he is helping curb the illegals but what he is doing is window dressing.  The number of illegals will drop very little.  Until the Federal Government is determined to stop the flow of drugs and illegals into our country they will continue to flood across.

I will admit I’m both angry and frightened.  I can see all I’ve sacrificed and worked for slipping away. I know without inspectors on the border the tick infested cattle can bring those blood suckers over and once they take hold they are almost impossible to eradicate.

Please excuse me for getting too personal in this blog.  I’m angry enough to eat nails.

Landscaping with an attitude.

The Manchurian President

May 25, 2010

You need to order a copy of this powerful book.

I’m about 80% through the book, The Manchurian President, by Arron Klein. I can’t say I’m finding a lot of new information, but the book is reinforcing what I thought to be true. I recommend each of you buy a copy and get informed about how radical the Obama administration really is.  You think you know, but when Klein starts to peel the layers off the onion the true odor begins to break out.  In truth Obama never had a chance to be anything but radical.  His first mentor Frank Marshall Davis was a card-carrying communist. His white grandfather was radical enough that the FBI kept a file on him until his death.  The church Obama attended as a teen in Hawaii was a sanctuary for draft dodgers and deserters. His early foundation was anti-war. Obama never had a chance to be an American like you and me. He sees things through the eyes of his radical mentors.

With Davis’s direction Obama hooked up with the most far left radical blacks at Occidental College.  He attended classes of radical professors and took part in after school gatherings to discuss progressive, socialist and even some Marxist theories. He was friends with the black Muslims in Jr. College.  In his own words Mr. Obama admits he sought out the radicals.

At Columbia he followed the same pattern as he did in Jr. College only adding radical Muslim professors to his list of radicals.

I don’t see how any red-blooded American can read The Manchurian President and sit on their butts.  When you look at the people Mr. Obama has surrounded himself with you feel like throwing up. What some of these people believe is completely foreign to anything we have ever seen.  The president’s mind has been so clouded by those around him he can’t even imagine our plight.  He sincerely believes in big government. He deeply believes in spreading the wealth, taking from those of us who work and giving to those who don’t.

I hear from the left and they no doubt believe I’m a stupid country guy and right of Barry Goldwater. What’s funny to me, I’ve traveled the world and they probably have not been out of their mother’s basement except to go to school.  I have read twenty plus books so far this year.  I’m getting close to blogging everyday for a year. Then add in my two years writing on eBay. I should say on and off eBay.  eBay kicked me off several times until I opened a blog.  I scan twenty to thirty New Media sites most days.  With that said, I’ll admit I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

My main goal is to elect fiscal conservatives in November. I understand no candidate will be perfect, Sarah Palin endorsed McCain and Glenn Beck is a Ron Paul fan. I think Sarah said it best, we need to back fiscal conservatives who can get elected.  If there is a candidate with perfect credentials but can’t get elected then it’s a waste to try to help them win.  Some people simply can’t connect with people no matter how great their credentials. You can’t elect a stump, even if’s a perfect dead tree.  We may have to over look a minor flaw in order to get someone who wants to seal the borders, have a smaller government and STOP spending and secure our country. It’s a plus if they are pro-life.  The big keys for me are less taxes, supporting the right to own a gun and less government spending.  I can live with other flaws.

I encourage you to buy a copy of The Manchurian President.  I realize only one or two of you will.  There is just so much apathy in America.  email:

Is Obama Gay???

May 24, 2010

Who is this young man that has Obama grinning ear to ear?  Note how Obama  is hugging the young stud.

To be frank I don’t know if Obama is a homosexual, straight or bi-sexual.  The information in this blog has been verified on Google.   There are some gays guys from Chicago who say they have the goods to prove the president is a homosexual. Their blog is

I need to add a disclaimer. I have never met the president, I have never talked to any who said they had a homosexual affair with the man. I’m just asking questions. You will have to judge for yourself. I’m just a broken down country cowboy with questions that need to be addressed.

HillBuzz says the Vera Baker “affair” was a cover to prove Obama was straight and a stud with an unquenchable sexual appetite for women. Vera Baker was a looker and if they were looking for a plant to distract she was perfect.  For those of you not familiar with Vera, she was brought to work in the White House and then the rumor started she was there for Obama.  Michelle sent her away. Vera moved to the Caribbean. But was the story planted to prove he loved women?  I have more questions that answers.

To prove a point a story surfaced, no doubt by David Axelrod, that the Obamas were late meeting with the French President, because they were having hot sex.  This may have been to reinforce what a heterosexual stud Obama is.  After all he plays basketball and golf, two manly things. He also smokes cigarettes like the Marlboro man.

I have no way of knowing for sure.  The gay boys running the HillBuzz blog said Kal Penn was brought into the White House so he could be close to the president. They flat-out say Obama was sexually involved with Kal Penn.

Photo of Kal Penn

Penn has made several movies and been on three or four successful television shows. Is he gay?  Rumors say he is.  I don’t know. I’ve never met the man or anyone personally that has.  My question is why did he move into the White House?  What skills did he bring?  HillBuzz flat-out says he was Obama’s lover. They also say Penn suddenly left the White House without any fanfare. Was the affair about to come out in the open?  Where are the hard nose reporters in all of this?  You can’t depend on a country blogger like me for the answers. I, like you, am asking questions.

I wonder how the liberal press would have treated stories like this if Bush had brought an effeminate actor into the White House.  How would they have dealt with the Larry Sinclair story?  Larry took a lie detector test proving he was telling the truth when he said he and Obama had sex two times and also did cocaine on both occasions.

What about the three homosexual men who went to church with Obama at the Rev. J. Wright’s temple?  They were all murdered in a span of 40 days right after Obama announced he was running for president. All shot in the back of the head.  Coincidence??? Or did they have stories to tell?  One thing about the National Inquirer they will pay well for a good story.  Did these three have a story worth big bucks?

I honestly don’t know the answers. I don’t even know enough to speculate. These things are rumors. Do some digging on your own and see what you can come up with. I have my on thoughts, but I’m not at liberty to share them with you. I can’t till I’m 100% sure.  I can share this. Obama is the most radical lefty president we have ever had. I’m 100% confident of that. We have to reelect fiscal conservatives to take back the USA.


Ps…thanks to the wild man from the north for telling me about

I’ve Had IT With MEXICO

May 23, 2010

And we are depending on this guy to save us?


I first want to say Much Obliged to the dozens of you who are attaching my blogs to your Face Book accounts and forwarding the messages in various ways. You make me want sit up late when I’m exhausted and stumble to the keyboard. Thanks to ALL OF YOU Warriors.

This past week the US Government removed our cattle inspectors from the Northern part of Mexico. I can’t blame the United States. Staying in that part of the country is too dangerous. Most of the Texas Colleges and Universities have removed their students and teachers from Mexico due to safety reasons.  In short they didn’t want them beheaded and dumped into a barrel of acid.

With no cattle inspectors we won’t have a clue about the Mexican ticks. A few years back Mexican tick fever almost wiped out the cattle industry in Texas, with no inspectors we can expect the same to happen again.  I saw photos of some Mexican cattle covered in ticks the size of your little fingernail.  The ticks were so thick it looked like a wreath on the cows’ necks.

I’ve got to fill my vat and dip all of my animals, including my dog Bandit.  I can’t catch the barn cats.  They will have to fend for themselves.  I’m angry at Mexico for not curbing the brutal violence that is killing so many innocent people.  I’m angry, because I don’t like to put my animals through the trauma of being dipped.  It’s not like they are going for a swim in a swimming pool with aqua blue water.  The dip stings their eyes and burns their nostrils.

I’m hiring three more cowboys to help me work the cattle.  Trust me I give them a lecture about how we handle cattle.  We don’t frighten the animals by shouting and rushing our horses into them. We let them move at their lazy pace.  Nothing is gained by frightening the animals. It’s been my experience a placid, peaceful cow produces more milk and therefore raises bigger babies. With the goats I have an old Billy that leads the way.  Yes, I still have about three dozen goats.  My men love goat meat and from time to time we have a goat roping contest. I don’t mind chasing the goats, because I don’t sell them by the pound. Every pound run off the cattle is money out of my pocket.

How dare Mexican President Caldron come here and tell us how to treat illegals.  If you are a guest in his country you stand a chance of being kidnapped, robbed or murdered.  Folks, it’s safer in Iraq than Mexico.  I’ve had it with the ads Mexico is running on how safe their beach towns are.  Tell that to the parents of the 18-year-old boy who was beaten to death in Cancun over Spring Break.  Tell that to the parents of the two young girls raped, killed and stuffed in a barrel.  Tell that to the family of the San Antonio priest who was murdered and robbed in Nuevo Laredo. Tell that to the families of the dozens of American news reporters who have been kidnapped and killed because the drug cartels didn’t like what they wrote.  I’ve had it with Mexico. AND …. if you go down there you are a few brain cells short.  email:

RECENTLY TAKEN IN MEXICO. These are real people beheaded in Mexico. I’ve had it with that bunch.


May 22, 2010

The acronym for FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.  Unfortunately what is frightening all of us is not false evidence.  We are seeing concrete evidence that makes anyone with half a brain understand Obama and his radical lemming, sycophant followers are in the process of destroying the America we all grew up in. History will prove Obama is the most extreme, radical, socialist president to ever serve.  It’s hard for me to use the word serve.  I don’t see him serving, but controlling.  Obama has to control every aspect of our lives. Much of our fear is we don’t want to be controlled. That is not the American Way.

He is the biggest spender in the history of our Nation.  He has nationalized health care, the banks, car companies and he is in the process of controlling our educational system. He will decide who gets college loans.  If your kid is too conservative I suspect they might find the loan window closed when they go to apply.

Obama is in the process of cutting back on military funding and has already said he would begin pulling troops out of Afghanistan June 2011.  If you were a member of the Taliban wouldn’t you pull back to the mountains until the Americans left, then reclaim the country?  The Taliban will hit and run, much like the American militia did against King George’s invading army until we pull out of Afghanistan.

If you are fearful, you have a reason to be.  The old ranchers at my local Dairy Queen told me they have never seen so much fear in the Nation as we are now facing.  Our town is not big enough for Sonic or Golden Corral.  My town has one stop light that doesn’t always work.  I personally feel a cycle of fear.  The first thing I do in the morning is clean out the Spam and then log on to Fox, Drudge and maybe one more new media site.  It’s like a slasher movie, when you think this is as bad as it can get the director takes you even deeper into the macabre. Now Obama’s #2 at DHS says he won’t take the illegals that Arizona captures.  Obama himself has labeled Arizonans as racists. How can that be when a lot of Hispanics in the state support the law. No president has racially divided America like Obama.

Let me tell you who is going to get hurt in these stupid boycotts.  Legal Hispanics who work in hotels and service jobs. I’m not talking about illegals, but people who are legally in the state. The boycotts will leave hotel rooms empty.  That means there are no beds to make or lawns to mow.  Seattle, Austin, San Diego, LA, San Francisco and a lot of small towns scattered around are hurting the people they say they are wanting to help.

Write this down. The left has no compassion. In truth the left doesn’t care about the ‘poor illegals’, the left is wanting the Hispanics to vote ‘in block’ for radical politicians this fall and Obama in 2012.

Two days ago the Dow fell 371 points.  I’m in the process of having 5 water wells drilled.  Last night I started second guessing my spending over $100,000 out of my reserve.  I might need that cash for feed or taxes on the property. I could use a new truck, but I’m holding off.  I’m frightened for our country. I’m concerned we may crash.  I see no way to stop Obama from spending. He is getting ready to push through another $200 billion spending bill.  When will this insanity stop?  I’m not sure we can make it to November.  I’ve never said this before, but we are on a fast track to socialism and the conductor is not on the train.

So much for Scott Brown. He has proved to be a RINO.  He voted with Harry Reid on the Finance Bill.  The Great White hope turned out to be a Democrat in Republican clothes.  I’m disappointed in Scott Brown.  He can forget about running for president.

My prayer is this, “Please Lord, calm my fears and comfort my restless mind.” We all need to be on our knees in prayer. Only God can save America.   Email: