Boyoctt Arizona?

Original Oil Portrait by Will Cooper

The homosexual infested San Francisco is planning to boycott Arizona. Okay, Ill admit I’m stuck way out here in the country and not as hip as those on the Left Coast, but why would San Francisco push a boycott simply because the great Americans from Arizona want to protect their lives and property?  Arizona is not bashing homosexuals. I have not read of any assaults on gays in Arizona other than gays killing gays.  The truth is San Francisco is a left thinking community and they see Arizonans as breaking the civil rights of the illegal aliens.

Let’s get this straight, people here illegally have no civil rights. This is something granted to CITIZENS of the United States. We have no civil rights in Mexico and they have none here unless they are legal.

Yesterday a Sheriff Deputy was driving through a remote area 50 miles south of Phoenix and happened upon a drug transaction. There were several bales of marijuana. The drugs were being protected by five armed gunman. When they saw the Deputy the thugs opened fire with AK-47s, hitting the veteran cop in the side. He returned fire and drove them back. He will live, but as of this morning the police have not been able to find the five illegals who were willing to kill a policeman. This gun fight is typical of what the Arizona law enforcement is facing everyday. This new brand of illegals are willing to kill a cop as quickly as they would hi-jack a car. They think nothing of killing.  These brutal killers have been killing Mexican soldiers and police at an increasing rate.  I read this week seven Mexican police were murdered in an ambush and their heads cut off.

You limp wristed, pantie wearing lefties who are wanting to boycott the bravest state in the Union need to think twice. Boycotts can go both ways.  If San Francisco boycotts Arizona then I recommend the rest of America boycott San Francisco. See how well the City by the Bay would survive if America boycotted you.  I don’t go there so I guess I’m already boycotting them.  I’ve been there in my youth and got hit on several times by flaming fags. When one patted me on my butt I backhanded him and split his lip. He was screaming like a stuck hog. That did it for me. I drove down to Carmel, which is also infested, only they are not as aggressive.  Okay, I was in my mid-twenties, 6′-2″ and a trim 198#. I’d been working in the oil fields, my tan was bronze and my Wranglers fit tight. They still do and I still have the tan, but my body has adjusted and my ribs still hurt from the young horse falling with me on it’s back.

If you can swing it, vacation in Arizona. I’d love to go to the Boulders in Carefree for a week.  I can’t go but I’m going to call CA Charlie and insist he take his new bride for a couple of weeks of being pampered and playing golf.  I understand his new wife is a world-class shopper. I’ll ask him to turn her loose in Scottsdale. He will be my surrogate shopper.

Arizona hang tight, you did the right thing and 70% of Americans are behind you.  We have to stop the illegals aliens flooding over the border and what better place to start than your state.



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