Obama’s Sexual Affairs

The big media loves to poke fun at the National Enquirer, but who broke the sexual affair between John Edwards and Riellie Hunter?  Who broke the Tiger Woods sexual scandal? In fact this magazine says Woods cheated on his wife 121 times.  I personally think one is too many. Once you marry, you enter into a contract to be faithful. The National Enquirer has proven to be 100% correct with Edwards and Woods cheating on their wives.

Now the National Enquirer is accusing Barry (Barack) Obama of cheating on his wife with Vera Baker. There must be something with the Baker name and presidents. Norma Jean Baker (Marilyn Monroe) and Jack Kennedy.  Now Barry and Vera Baker.

Vera is now 35, however at the age of 29 she went to work on Obama’s Senate campaign race. She raised millions and they started spending a lot of time together. According to the National Enquirer a limo driver picked Mr. Obama up at the airport and delivered him to a swanky five-star hotel, where he had a room. Then the driver picked up Vera and delivered her to the hotel. She didn’t have a room at the hotel. After she changed and freshened up Vera and Barry went to a fine restaurant. They then came back to the hotel around 10:30 and she spent the night.  She either stayed with Barry or slept in the lobby. She didn’t have a room. From what I know about upscale hotels they don’t let people sleep in the lobby. (smile)

I’ve seen pictures of Vera and she is  a fine-looking young black lady with long legs and a beautiful face. If I were more hip with words I’d probably say Vera Baker is eye candy.  According to the Enquirer Michelle Obama made Barry fire Vera not long after the hotel tryst. Then she suddenly got the urge to move to the Caribbean. I wonder if she was encouraged to move so far away from the press???

Vera now lives in the Caribbean and denies she had sex with the president. If my memory is correct Riellie Hunter said she didn’t have sex with John Edwards.  She maintained her lie even after her and John’s baby was born.  At first several of Tiger’s babes said they didn’t have sex with him, then the flood gates broke and they all rushed to get their names in print.  Even Tiger’s close friend’s young daughter came forward and told of Woods coming three houses down from his to have sex with her.

I must say I have no proof, I’m only reporting the story that is now on The Drudge Report. The National Enquirer has offered a million dollars to anyone who can come forward with evidence that the story is real.  I do understand there is video from the hotel that will be damaging.

I have a feeling this story will feel the weight of the Obama censors, much like the Larry Sinclair confession.  Larry said he had a homosexual relation with Barry and that they did cocaine together.  He was willing to take a lie detector test to prove he was telling the truth.  Larry’s story got snuffed out.  What will happen to the Vera Baker story?

Obama says neither are true. Remember, this is the same man who told us our insurance payments would drop 3,000%.

Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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