Saved By The Bell

Faisal Shahzad pleaded guilty today of trying to set off a bomb in Times Square.

Folks, down here we say that’s cutting it close.  The ONLY reason the New York Times Square bomb didn’t explode was the guy set his clock wrong.  He thought he was setting the alarm for 6:30 PM, but he actually programmed the clock to go off at 6:30 AM.  It was a simple mistake, he failed to turn the hands one more time around.  He is not the bumbling idiot the liberal media would have you think.  30 year-old Faisal Shahzad graduated from Bridgetown University in Connecticut in 2000, then got his masters in 2005. He became a US citizen in 2009.  He owned a home in Connecticut, which Time says is in foreclosure. The left is saying that is why he tried to kill a bunch of people in New York.  That’s a pile of horse manure. The guy is a Pakistani trained terrorist.  This past year he has made several trips there to learn bomb making. In fact this afternoon Pakistan arrested eight of his trainers.  This is Islamic Terrorism, yet the president and Home Land Security want to say he is a lone wolf.

God smiled on New York City, perhaps He felt they had suffered enough.

Keep in mind this was the very same type bomb that killed 50 people in London and has played havoc in Iraq.  The alarm clock was set to open the valve on a propane canister at the time the fireworks went off in the back of the SUV. They were triggered from a disposable cell phone. The flash from the fireworks would have ignited the propane and that would have set off the gasoline and maybe the fertilizer. There is some question about the grade of fertilizer, it may not have contained enough nitro or whatever it takes to make a bomb. If I ever need to blow up a stump I’ll do it the old-fashioned way, with dynamite. (smile)

I do think the diaper bomber was inept at setting off his bomb.  I’m not sure his type of bomb had been tried, he was probably the virgin run. However, Faisal knew exactly what he was doing. He removed the vin number from the 1995 Nissen Pathfinder.  He paid cash for the SUV and made sure it had tinted windows. He used stolen plates so the vehicle would not be traced back to the seller.  He is not alone in not knowing vehicles have a second vin number on the motor.  I bet you could ask the question on the street and 80% would not know.  The main reason for the second VIN number is to help break chop shop crime.

I’m not being pessimistic, but they will hit us again. AND the politically correct Obama administration will be sitting on their thumbs looking for a member of the TEA Party.  Faisal was able to make a reservation over the phone, on his way to the airport and pay cash for his ticket. He was allowed to board the plane and it was holding for take off when the officials in Dubai called to tell us he was on the flight.  How in hell did this guy be allowed to pay cash, with no luggage and board the plane? Simple answer, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.  The left is so worried that someone will be profiled they will destroy Arizona and let the drug cartels run free.  Political Correctness will get our country destroyed.

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