The Obama Patroon

The object of the game is to destroy American capitalism by having the government take over everything.

By 1750 there was a system in New York and New Jersey where ordinary people were not permitted to buy even a small plot of land. The mayor granted the giant land owners permission to allow farmers to share crop their vast properties.  That was not the case in Connecticut which was dotted with small farm owners.  But in New York and New Jersey sharecroppers worked the land and paid the Patroon most of the money they earned, just for the right to live and work on his place.  He was the law, he decided what crops they raised and how much they paid him. The Patroon would not allow excuses for failed crops. Even in years of drought he expected his payments.  Finally a law was passed in New York and eventually in New Jersey that anyone could become a landowner. The poor farmers in the patroon system were no better off than a slave.  The only difference between the patroon farmer and the black slaves, the farmers were not chattel. They couldn’t be sold or traded. Other than that they were the same as slaves, including beatings if they didn’t produce enough. They would never dare to talk back to the Patroon or fail to try to follow his instructions.

What brings me to mention the patroon system? This is the direction our country is going. Our president wants to be our Patroon. He wants the power to tell us what crops we can raise or what job we can do. Before he leaves office he will be taking as much money from us as the early farmers were giving to their Patroon.  America is not going forward under Mr. Obama, we are drifting back into an ineffectual state, where a few ruled the masses. A few controlled the land and the masses were slaves to the master’s desires.

Last week Mr. Obama was in Iowa pressing them to produce more ethanol. Everyone knows this form of fuel costs too much to produce and the gas mileage drops way down. I thought ethanol was a dead dog, but our Patroon wants to control that part of energy. Our Patroon has waited 12 days to address the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but his slave media is covering for him.  The Patroon can never be blamed.

In a year and a half the President has taken over car companies, banks, insurance, school loans and recently our health care.  He will control education and through the EPA what we can raise. Before long we will be told what cars we can drive and how much money we can earn.  Just this week the president said he thinks there should be a limit on how much people can earn. He doesn’t mind you earning a million or so, but you better not think about mega rich. Start learning to say, “Yes mam” and “Yes sir.”  This is the way we will be taught to speak to the Patroon’s goons who come to enforce his wishes.

I hear from a couple of my readers on the protesters in Santa Cruz breaking windows and setting fires this weekend.  For those of you who have not been to that part of the world, Santa Cruz, CA is not part of America.  You have a town filled with college kids and has pot shops on every corner. The town has never grown out of the sixties. Pay no attention to what happens in that burnished spot on the world map.  It’s a small town filled with radical leftists.   You can email me at:

Obama has been laser focused on the oil spill since day 12.


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