Will You Marry Me?

This man removed the NYC bomber off the no fly list.

These are the first English words terrorists are taught, “Will you marry me?”   Faisal Shahzad was on the verge of being sent back to Pakistan so he married Huma Mian, an American Citizen, in 2008. His wife graduated from college in Boulder, CO.  Folks, this is what the terrorists do. Marriage gives them a fast track to citizenship and with a US Passport these guys have a key to travel without impunity from anyone. Faisal spent a decade here on student and employment visas. This is the formula the Muslim terrorists follow. As they say in cop shows, this is their MO.  Muslim Jihadists have been scamming our system for years. Sham marriage is a process taught to them before the radical Muslims reach our shores.

This will tick you off.  Shortly after Obama took office he had Faisal Shahzad’s name removed from the NO FLY list. Feel safer with Obama in charge?

One CBS reporter lamented Shadzad’s home was being foreclosed on and that might have caused him to do something rash. Another liberal talking head chimed in, yes and he also lost his job and his wife is living in Pakistan and a third mentioned he hated Bush.  Faisal Shahzad has said he did the bomb in retaliation to the Drones sent to Pakistan by President Obama. Who are we to believe?  The man who was trying to set off the bomb or some clueless media types?  Make no mistake, this bombing had been in the plans for a long time. He just spent five months in Pakistan being taught how to make bombs. He made one mistake and that was not setting the dials on a windup alarm clock to PM instead of AM.  Otherwise a few hundred innocent people would be dead. This was not a dry run.  Mark my words, others will follow. This is just the beginning. We can expect the Jihadists to do destruction in several American cities. They will look for softer targets.

The US recently arrested two blue-eyed, blond women who each married Muslim men they had never met.  Jihad Jane and Janie met the men over the Internet. Let’s face it, America raises a few very stupid women. In one of the cases the girl was courted on the Internet by one Muslim Jihadist and when she got to Ireland she was told to marry a different man. Who would suspect an American girl with blond hair to be a bomber? 

 El Sayyid Nosair married Ann Sweeney to avoid deportation and become a citizen. He was later convicted of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Ali Mohamed became a US citizen after marrying a woman he met on a flight from Egypt to New York. We have some very stupid women in America. He became Osama bin Laden’s top aide and was finally convicted in the embassy bombing in Africa, killing 230 people.

An Embassy bomber married three women to get his citizenship. Wadih Hage was Osama’s personal secretary. He married an American  in 1985 and became a citizen in 1989. She knew what he did and approved of her husband’s associations. We have some very stupid women in our country.

Mohammed Hammoud married three different American women to get a legal green card.  Eight of the men who were involved with the Trade Center bombing in 1993 all obtained legal permanent residence by marrying stupid American women. 

The left would have us think the guys doing the bombing are starving Muslims with nothing to live for. Not so, the diaper bomber was the son of a very rich banker. His dad was dripping in money. Fisal’s dad was a high-ranking military guy and over there his rank means he was getting a lot of graft. Pakistan military is like Mexico.  Their pay may not be much, but the perks will make you rich.  Most of the 9-11 bombers were sons of the wealthy.  Osama bid Laden is mega rich. This is not the revenge of peasants, it’s an ideologue war.

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