Is Obama Black or White?

The Left Media won’t tell you the bomb failed because the guy set the clock wrong.

There is the age-old question, is a zebra half white or half black? I’m afraid to answer that is above my pay grade, but I was told by a big game hunter that zebra’s stripes were to confuse lions. When the zebras are running in a herd the lion cannot focus on which one to grab. In some ways Mr. Obama is like a zebra, if we complain about higher taxes and bigger government then he will scream racist. If we vote with him then people say that it’s because of black guilt.

A faithful reader of my blogs asked, “Will, why is that mixed race people always say they are black, when some are as white as you and me?”

I’ll answer with a question. Why do good kids want to pretend they are gangsters among their peers?  Remember a lot of A students make Cs and Ds so they can be counted as equals to their peers.  At one time it was a stigma to be black in America, but not so today. I think the majority of you reading this blog didn’t consider Obama’s race when you were voting.  I know I didn’t.  I was looking at his radical past and not his tan.  Before I realized Colin Powell was a RINO (Republican In Name Only) I would have voted for him.  When I heard he was voting for Obama then I knew Powell was a racist.  He couldn’t be a Republican and vote for anyone that left, so it had to be race thing. Black voting for a mulatto.

A week or so ago I saw a movie late at night as I was slaving  on a large painting. The movie was Pinky.  Jeanne Crain played a mixed race girl who was raised in the south by her black grandmother, but sent north to go to nursing school.  Up north she pretended to be white. After she returned home she ran into prejudice on both sides. The blacks taunted her and the whites treated her like a non human. She was hung out between each race as if she belonged to none.  The movie was made in  the fifties  and it represented America back then.   That’s not the case today. Actors like Denzil Washington and Samuel Jackson demand higher pay than whites for the movies they make.  The greatest golfer in the world is mixed, however he doesn’t call himself black. I’m talking about Tiger Woods.

In Louisiana if you have a smidgen of black blood you are considered colored and it is stated on your birth certificate.  Or it was, the law may have changed. However, if you are light-skinned you would probably say you were white.  The first time I saw Obama speak I thought he was a Puerto Rico mix.  I never thought black until he ran for the presidency.   I’ll be the first to admit I think he is making a mistake distancing his heritage from the white race. This week he has said he was going to try to energize blacks and Latinos to get out and vote. He is doing this so the landslide will be less.  He said the TEA Party was nothing but a bunch of old white men. That’s strange, I seem to see as many young people and women as men at the rallies. I see people of all colors. Lately the president has been calling we TEA Party folks, Teabaggers. That is a slang word used by gays when talking about anal sex. To call us Teabaggers is like Bush yelling Fags.  Yet the press says nothing about Obama’s insults.  Good people’ we must let nothing distract our goal of winning the elections with fiscal conservatives in November.



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