The MEChA Eagle is holding war club and stick of dynamite.

Make sure you send this important blog to all you can think of.  We are looking at a race war.

MEChA stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan. Janet, the Dyke, is more worried about eight right-wing militia with the Hultree than she is about the large radical Mexican group MEChA. This group is radicalizing La Raza and La Familia into a rebellious force to take a large chunk of America by force if necessary.  I’ve posted a map below to show you the land MEChA calls Aztlan.

It’s their belief we illegally seized the southwest from Mexico in 1848.  When in truth Texas won her Independence by beating a powerful army led by General Santa Anna in 1836. At the time Santa Anna was also the Dictator of Mexico. The General gave us Texas to save his own hide. A few years later when we were under president Polk, Mexico pushed the United States into war. When the dust settled we traded Mexico: New Mexico, Arizona, California and parts of Colorado for their freedom and debt. Know this, The US Army controlled Mexico City. At the time Mexico owed the United State millions of dollars. We ALLOWED the Mexicans to keep the land south of the Rio Grande and along the other states in a fairly straight line in exchange for their freedom and the debt they owed. Keep in mind Mexico still controlled all the land south down to Panama. This was prior to the canal being built. It was not like we left them with a small tract of land.

The sad thing is our schools are not teaching the truth. They are letting young Mexicans believe the United States took the southwest illegally. That the land really belongs to Mexico.  Just because the United States was benevolent and allowed Mexico to keep part of their country doesn’t mean we are going to give up what we legally own. Anyone reading the history of the Mexican/American War will know that I speak the truth.

We are dealing with more than illegal aliens and drug cartel people coming across the border. We are facing trouble from Hispanics living here legally. There is a big movement in California by MEChA to take control of the Golden State. There is a radical group of leaders, including college professors and high school teachers that believe California belongs to the Hispanics. Yet I hear nothing from Home Land Security about these radical hell-raisers. Washington is silent on this issue. Washington is doing all in its power to make illegal Mexicans citizens, What Washington fails to understand is after they are made citizens these now-legal illegals will be pulled into radical groups like MEChA. They will join the Aztlan movement. They want more than citizenship, they want to rid the southwest of white people. Blacks will be allowed to stay if they recognize Aztlan as a sovereign country and the power is held by the Hispanic population. In other words, black and Asians can remain if they are willing to be second class citizens.

In September the new film Machete by Robert Rodriguez will be released. It’s a hate film where Mexican’ with machetes go out and kill white people. A Mexican is hired to kill a Texas Senator who is against immigration. It then turns ugly and Mexicans start hunting whites. Don’t be surprised if there is a race war after this film hits the movie screens. Strange this movie will come out just before the November elections. In the trailer the key actor is shown with a machete and says, “This is Cinco de Mayo, Arizona”.  I don’t know how to stop the movie from being released, but if it is you can expect a lot of people, both brown and white to be killed if it is shown. Only the Mexicans won’t be using machetes, they will have AK47s.  If you will Google The Plan of San Diego you will find this actually took place in 1915 where Mexicans with machetes killed a bunch of white people. God bless our country. Make sure this blog is read by a lot of people.



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