Si Se Puede

We will Kill the Police until we get free!

Si Se Puede, “Yes we can.” The Mexican protesters have taken a page out of Obama’s book and are preaching Hope and Change.  I selected the above poster from a dozen I could have used. Another sign read, “You have illegally been on our land since 1492.” I guess they forget,  Spain conquered the Indians of Mexico and took that country by force. The rightful owner to Mexico is the insidious Indians, if they want to play by that rule.  It was the Spanish who first branded people on the cheek when they were made slaves.  No one branded animals until after the Spanish started burning letters in the side of the face of those they owned.

Please note in the above poster, they are saying they will keep killing the police until we are free. If this sign was seen at a TEA Party rally all hell would break loose. I suspect the person carrying a sign like this would be arrested for stirring up violence. There is such a double standard with the left media.

I saw a clip from an MSNBC reporter asking a sheriff from Arizona if the recent shoot out between the deputy and drug dealers was staged. Before the sheriff could answer she said, “If it was staged it would help you with the new immigration law.”

The sheriff was nicer than I’d have been. He patiently explained that the police in Arizona were too busy to stage gun fights. She cut him off before he could tell her they captured 17 illegals and five were the shooters.

By now you know about the five boys in California who were sent home from school for wearing American flags on their tee shirts. The school told them they could stay if they turned the shirts inside out.  The boys refused to disrespect our flag.  In Houston a boy took down a Mexican flag and he was kicked out of school for three days. Yet in California and Arizona school kids are flying the Mexican flag over the Stars and Strips with our flag turned upside down. No one got in trouble for disrespecting in those cases. The flying of the Mexican flag was not an isolated case, it happened in dozens of schools. In San Francisco a group of radical Mexicans attacked some peaceful protestors. No one was arrested.

My men don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the twins celebrate July 4th.  Mexico doesn’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo, they celebrate September 16 as their Independence Day.  Benito Juarez, the peasant who became president of Mexico decided to stop paying interest on money borrowed from the French. The French decided to take what was theirs and they attacked Mexico. Even though the French had 8,000 men, they were defeated in a battle at Puebla on May 5, 1862 by 4,000 Mexicans.  A few years later California began to celebrate that date.  No one knows the exact reason other than Mexico beat France.  As a young man I don’t remember anyone celebrating Cinco de Mayo, but this past decade you would think it was the biggest day in Mexico. Go south of the border and those Mexicans won’t have a clue what you are talking about.  In truth this is part of the movement to make illegals citizens.

I have a feeling these marches will end up with people dying and buildings burned. None of this would be happening if we secured our borders.  This is why November is so important. We must elect fiscal conservatives or I’m afraid we will lose our great nation to the radicals.  email:


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