Who Owned What?

This is what the illegal aliens are doing to our country.

I’m not so sure Mexico ever owned California.  Let’s do some exploring on that matter.  Between 1760 and 1820 Spain occupied the area we know as California. In fact California was split in two, upper and lower. The lower part is Baja California today.  The Spanish built 21 missions spread a day’s horseback ride apart in upper California.  They were the first to invent Motel 6.  Traveling missionaries could make it from one mission to the next in a day’s ride.  Each mission had one, sometimes two priests and four soldiers with guns. The soldiers were there to keep the Indians, who had been made slaves, in line. Make no mistake the Indian converts were slaves. If they ran off the soldiers would bring them back and beat them with a whip. The priest needed the Indians to care for the cattle, sheep, plant and harvest the crops.

I’ve personally visited all twenty-one California missions. I think the one in Carmel is at the top of the list of my favorites, followed by Santa Barbara and San Diego. I also like Mission San Antonio. It’s the most natural of the missions, located on the back of an army base, standing all alone in a big flower covered field. As romantic as these missions now appear, at one time they were halls of torture.  Friendly Indians came to hear of the white man’s God and were enslaved.

Spain never settled California. Two dozen missionaries and 100 soldiers are not enough people to fully claim California for Spain.  Keep in mind Mexico was not in the picture. It’s Spain and by the time Mexico won their Independence most of the missions had been given to political friends of Spain. There were as many whites living in the area as Spanish. The largest population was the indigenous Indians.

The interesting thing to me about California is gold was discovered right after Mexico gave up their ownership to the United States to pay off their debt. Had the war lingered another year Mexico would have had all the money they needed with the vast gold deposits.

New Mexico did have Spanish Mexicans but they were not happy. They lived too far from Mexico City to receive help. It was the whites who came and defeated the Indians, making it possible for Santa Fe and Taos to be a safe place to live.

Arizona belonged to the Indians. What few Spanish that ventured in that area made peace with the tribes. When Mexico City gave that area to the United States, I’m not sure it was theirs to give. We later went in and conquered the Indians, the land then became part of the United States.

Texas won our Independence on the battlefield.  There were a lot of Spanish Mexicans living in Texas and many fought on our side. The twins who work for me. Their great, great, grandfather signed the Texas Declaration of Independence.  When Santa Anna captured him, he was treated brutally.  He finally escaped from Mexico City and made his way to New Orleans. He eventually returned home to Texas a broken man.  Texas was won fair and square.   Email: willcooper@senkarik.com

These two images are just a small sample of the trash the illegal aliens are leaving as they pass through our great land.

If this doesn’t tick you off then something is wrong with your thinking. Where are the Al Gores and green people on this? All of this trash is left on private property owned by people like you and me.  We have the same thing on the border ranches in Texas.  Hispanics coming across show no respect for other people’s lives or property.


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