Talking to the Wind

There are days when I feel as if my blogs are only talking to the wind. There has been almost no reaction to the last three blogs I wrote on the illegal alien situation in this country. Why were none of you outraged over the trash these thugs are leaving as they pass through? Perhaps you don’t own property. Perhaps you don’t care unless it’s your backyard. If that is the case then you don’t get the picture. I’ve done a poor job in presenting what we are facing.  We can all see the Gulf Oil spill spreading and heading for the shore in several states. Yet the filth and killing by the Illegal Hispanics crossing the border is doing the same thing. Their filth is creeping deeper and deeper into the United States.  A few years ago there was trash along the border, then it went deeper and deeper inland. Today you can find filth, body waste and plastic water bottles all the way from the border to the outskirts of Phoenix.

The murder was confined to south of the border, but today it has reached deep into our country. Phoenix is the kidnapping leader in the United States. The vast majority of the kidnappings are done by illegal aliens.

I know a lot of people are reading my blogs, I see the numbers, but it appears none of you are concerned.  I have a few faithful readers who comment on all I writ, they will lie to me and tell me I did a great job, even when I blow a blog. I want to thank those few. I know you are being kind, but it’s appreciated by this old country boy.

I confess, I’m not a professional writer.  My words spill from my heart and if we were in the same room those are the words that would come out of my mouth. I’m not a gifted wordsmith, only a tired cowboy who loves America. I see the PC America and I don’t like it. I see the invasion by the illegals and I don’t like it.  I see the murder of babies and I don’t like it.

I’m reading a wonderful book titled, The Real George Washington. I’m about 400 pages into the book and I can’t wait to find time to read a few more pages. I fell in love with Washington all over again.  I loved him, but not with the passion I now have. He was an amazing man and without question the only one who could have defeated the British. When he discovered his caretaker took supplies to the British as a bribe for the enemy to spare Mount Vernon. Washington was livid. He said, “I had rather they burn all my property to the ground than give the British one morsel of food.”   He refused a salary and in one stretch didn’t see his home for over six years. We need men like George Washington to save our great country again. November is not far away.  Stay focused and work your butts off between now and November 2nd. We need to elect fiscal conservatives to replace the Big Spenders.  Email:


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