Has the World Gone Mad?

Five Million Dollar load of hay. See images at the bottom.

I was reading last night that the Los Angeles City Counsel has voted to boycott Arizona. Los Angeles is bankrupt. I guess they don’t realize Arizona might boycott them. Don’t they realize 70% of the American people agree with Arizona’s new law. The Arizona law mirrors the Federal Law. In fact the Arizona law makes it illegal to profile.  It’s going to get very interesting next week when the Los Angeles Lakers play the Arizona (Phoenix) Suns in the NBA Western Conference finals.  The LA city council has told the people of California if they go to the games played in Arizona to not buy beer, popcorn or spend any money.  Let’s get real.  Is the LA city council really that stupid? Do they think Laker fans will travel to the game and not douse down their share of the booze sold?  I go to several Spurs games a year and every time I see a game in the arena I marvel at how much beer and food is sold.  I don’t drink the booze, but I have been known to spend a few bucks on food.  I can’t turn down a good hotdog with chili or a host of the other junk food they sell. That’s part of the fun of the game. I always buy a bag of peanuts so I can peel and eat during the game.

One of my readers wrote that he was concerned his church was taking a group of young people to Mexico. The church members are saying the pastor wouldn’t take them if it wasn’t safe. Unless you are a border state you probably never see the real news of what is happening in Mexico. I told him the University of Texas has withdrawn their students and teachers from Mexico. The school feared for the life of their people. Kidnapping is a major fund-raiser for the drug cartels. I suspect the drug gangs would relish the idea of kidnapping 25 young American students and seeing what we would pay to get them back.  In many cases after the ransom has been paid the kidnap victim is found dead and most likely was killed before any exchange of money.

I will not go over the border and I think I can take care of myself. I no longer visit the border towns.  It’s too easy to get caught in crossfire between the cops and drug gangs or two drug cartels shooting it out. Last month there was a big shoot out in Monterey next to an elementary school. A couple of children were hit in the crossfire.

I saw where Illinois is not going to let a girls basketball team play in an Arizona tournament. Things are so bad in Chicago the governor has asked for the president to send in the Army to slow down the killings, yet this same group of hypocrites doesn’t want high school girls to travel to Arizona. Their not going is not hurting Arizona, but it is horrible for the girls wanting to go see the Grand Canyon and play basketball.

We have our president making jokes about the Arizona law. It’s clear he has not read the law. Nine other states are considering the same law.

I was asked if the governor could send in the National Guard. The answer is yes, if he had the money to pay them. Governors are not sending in the guard, because we are broke. Texas will be facing an $18 Billion deficit this fall. Arizona is in worse shape than we are. The sending of the guard is the job of the government to keep us safe, but as long as Mr. Obama makes jokes about states like Arizona we are facing hard times.

My men and I keep a gun with us at all times.  We don’t get many, but in the past couple of years we have had a few illegals on my place and a lot in the area. Two weeks ago a neighbor found three illegals sleeping in the bed of an old pickup truck he had parked on the backside of his place so it could rust away.  Two were in the bed and one was in the cabin. He and his men held them for the Sheriff, who turned them over to the Border Patrol.  Please excuse my getting long-winded. We live in serious times.  email:willcooper@senkarik.com

Next time you see a guy trucking down the road with a few bales you will start to wonder what’s in the hay.


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