Austin Shame on You

When I saw on the news Austin has joined the liberal Los Angeles and San Francisco in boycotting Arizona, I blushed with anger.  The University of Texas is overrun with leftists. When I stop and think, it’s easy to see Austin boycotting Arizona, but this is Texas. Trust me folks, we have our share of problems with the illegals. We also have do-gooders who think they are helping the poor immigrants to a better way of life. They fail to understand how horrible those illegals are treated by the coyotes. It’s not at all uncommon to find 25 crammed in a van or 40 living in a tiny house. Two months ago 52 illegals smothered to death in the container of an 18 wheeler. The coyote locked the doors and fled.  Illegals are beaten, robbed and some killed.  Like the case I helped with a few months back not far from my ranch. The police tried to get a vehicle to pull over, but the driver ran, suddenly leaving the road and crashing into the brush. He was out and running. Some of those injured tried to run but we rounded them up. One old rancher found five starved, frightened illegals standing beside a small dirt road. He gave them a ride to where we were. The coyote got away.  It’s common for a coyote to hold the illegals for ransom, demanding they pay an extra $5,000 for their release.  20% of illegals have criminal records.

According to Arizona police, the last 84 cars that ran and had to be chased down, 84 of those vehicle  had illegals. It’s a lie that Arizona police will profile and pull people over for no reason. There record is pretty strong, 84 chases, 84 arrests.

A retired Border Patrol agent said as high as 5% of those coming over are from terrorist countries. According to a report by an Atlanta television program the terrorists go to South America and learn to speak Spanish. Then they come north and hire a coyote to include them with the Mexicans he is bringing over. One Arizona rancher found a Muslim prayer rug and another rancher has found two Korans. There is speculation as to why those items were left. No Muslim would leave his Koran or Prayer Rug capriciously. Some speculate they were not paying enough and the coyote killed them, burying their bodies in the desert sand. The television showed a Georgia Congressman with a secret list of the people arrested. 46 from Pakistan, 35 Yemen, 14 Iran, 46 Egypt.  In all we have arrested people from fourteen terrorist countries crossing the border into Arizona.

I fear we will see a blood bath of American citizens this year. The radical Muslims see Obama as a paper tiger. They have no fear of him and with good reason. His own Attorney General Eric Holder refuses to say the guy in Fort Hood, the Diaper Bomber, the killer of the soldiers in Arkansas and the two recent attempts to blow up New York City are terrorists. When Lamar Smith, Congressman from Texas questioned Holder, no matter how hard he pushed the Attorney General would not admit radical Muslims were the cause. He said there are many factors in all those cases.  I was surprised Holder didn’t say, “give the terrorist a break, his home is being foreclosed on.”

As I write some cab driver, 7-11 clerk or gas station operator is plotting another attack. Next time he will know how to set a clock.  Chances are the next bomber will be one who came through Arizona.  Get it out of your head the ones crossing the border are poor people coming over to do jobs American’s won’t. Many who come over are the lowlife  and terrorists.

I recommend we have a BUY-cott in Arizona. Unfortunately Arizona Tea is made in New England, but if you can spend with Arizona do.  I recently purchased a book on Amazon. One of the sellers was in Arizona so I selected that seller.  Sorry for getting long-winded. I can’t help it, we must stand with our brothers and sisters in the state of the rising sun.   email:


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