Obama’s Getting Tough

It’s true Obama has decided to get tough on anyone who points a finger at him or implies he is not competent.  I have a feeling Barry Soetoro is going to be mighty busy trying to put out the fires. It’s okay that Islamic terrorists want to blow us up, but let a citizen be critical of Obama and you can expect sparks to fly. This week Obama’s Jackboot gang arrested nine people in the northwest.  The nine worked for the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Their crime was to pull up his college finance records.  No one knows what they discovered. Six of those arrested were in their mid fifties, one was 26 and another 34.  Both men and women were involved. You can make bets that Eric Holder will pound them into the ground. I expect these nine to be treated like the nine Hulatree Militia Members. Even though a judge has said the Militia committed no crime the Feds won’t let them make bail.

On the other hand a liberal punk can hack into Sarah Palin’s personal email account when she was the Vice President candidate.  He has been convicted on two of the four charges. Watch the news, the convicted  hacker will get a slap on the wrist.  Had he hacked Obama’s personal email account when he was the Presidential candidate all hell would have broken loose. The guy would be in maximum Federal lockup with no windows, being fed cold bread and warm water.

Last week the Hawaiian government voted to close the Obama birth certificate issue. The law makes it legal to not answer requests on Obama’s birth certificate. What does he have to hide on the birth certificate? What does he have to hide with his school papers?  The hypocrisy of the Hawaiian law is, had they provided a real birth certificate in the beginning the requests would have stopped shortly after the first real one was released.  Make no mistake, the Hawaiian government is co-conspirator with Obama and the cover up.  I’m not saying he doesn’t have a Hawaiian birth certificate, I am saying if he does something is fishy about it.

Add on top all the other stuff like his faulty Military Registration and his use of a Social Security number originally issued to a person who was born in Connecticut in 1890. Yes, the year 1890. Since Obama has never lived or worked in Connecticut we know he is using a bogus Social Security Number.  Let Sarah Palin try that and she would never see the light of day.  Please understand Social Security only uses a number one time, they never re-issue a number after someone dies.  There is a three-letter code for the state you are living where the card is issued. Since Obama’s first job was with Baskin Robbins in Honolulu, his number should reflect Hawaii, but it’s Connecticut instead.

Right now Mr. Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, is like a guy standing in the middle of a grass fire. He rushes to one side, beats the flames out, then looks back and the other side is going full force. No matter how many spots he stops the fire ring will continue to grow.  I don’t think he will be impeached. In fact impeachment would be a mistake. We would see a race war to end all race wars.  In Bellaire, Texas (part of Houston) a white cop shot a black kid. The blacks are giving warning if another white shoots a black they will burn the city down. If we impeached Barry we would see riots like this country has never seen and entire city blocks would be destroyed.  Let’s just wait and vote him out in 2012. In the midterm elections clean house of liberals this November. email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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