I’m Obsolete

Portrait of Will Cooper, an Obsolete Cowboy

My new title is Obsolete Man.  Let’s face it, I live in the dark ages. I should have lived in the 1880s  I tried a cell phone and suddenly discovered I was getting calls at odd hours.  I may be helping a cow with a difficult delivery,  on top of a windmill, trying to break a green horse or taking a shower. I also was gaining friends by the dozens.  People called when I was eating and when I was dancing. The phone was disturbing my blogging and painting. I’m sure if you think about it, you realize it takes time to blog and original oils don’t just appear on canvas.  I closed my account and gave my Blackberry to the guy who runs the local feed store.  I don’t think you can tweet with a land line, can you? Even when I had a cell phone I never Tweeted, Texted or whatever else you do on those invasive things.  I never got the hang of Apps, in fact I couldn’t even figure out what they and all the various other things the phone does were about.  And frankly, the service sucked out here in the wilderness.

I don’t have a Face Book account and am not planning to suddenly go social.  I suspect I would get way too many ‘friends’.  Who has the time for social networking?  Not me. After a dozen hours minimum trying to keep a dry creek ranch from going bankrupt, answering emails, writing a blog, dabbling with paints and finding time for a good book, when would I have a moment to interface with Internet people?

When I decided to try eBay, I made the choice I would not open my ranch to those who discovered me on the Internet.  I decided to keep my life private from eBay. I don’t phone and I don’t invite guests.  I’m sure I’ve hurt some feelings. I’ve had a few retired people who wanted to come spend some time with me. I’ve had a few women offer to move their mobile home to my property, or rent a room from me or in town so they could help around the house. I’ve had some married women who are unhappy at home suddenly think I might be their solution.  I might joke with my eBay and blog  readers, but I never flirt intentionally. If I come across as flirting it was never my plan. I wouldn’t appreciate a man flirting over the Internet with my wife.

I don’t sell deer leases. I did when I first purchased the ranch. I got a group of hunters from hell.  I thought one time is enough. I’m sure that was an exceptionally odd group, but nevertheless they cured me of deer leasing. We have big white wing doves, a hunter’s delight. I don’t sell dove or turkey leases. I don’t want anyone shooting on my place except my men and me.

I probably should marry the girl I’m seeing. If you knew her and her family you would think me insane to not  marry as soon as we could find a preacher. Lucky for me she is not pressing.  I have great concerns about making it in this business.  The two-year drought hit my bank account hard.  I didn’t borrow any funds, but my reserve is running on fumes. I sold 200 head to stay afloat.  If I had a wife I couldn’t paint till two in the morning, or read a book till I fell asleep.

Speaking of books. I just finished one of the best books I have ever read. The Real George Washington. Read the Washington book, you will be glad you did.    I’m currently reading The Manchurian President.  I think this is going to be an excellent book.   Excuse me for getting so personal, but I suspect I have a lot of new readers who wonder about who I am.

email: willcooper@senkarik.com

These billboards just keep showing up. I have a feeling America is not pleased with Hope and Change.


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