The acronym for FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.  Unfortunately what is frightening all of us is not false evidence.  We are seeing concrete evidence that makes anyone with half a brain understand Obama and his radical lemming, sycophant followers are in the process of destroying the America we all grew up in. History will prove Obama is the most extreme, radical, socialist president to ever serve.  It’s hard for me to use the word serve.  I don’t see him serving, but controlling.  Obama has to control every aspect of our lives. Much of our fear is we don’t want to be controlled. That is not the American Way.

He is the biggest spender in the history of our Nation.  He has nationalized health care, the banks, car companies and he is in the process of controlling our educational system. He will decide who gets college loans.  If your kid is too conservative I suspect they might find the loan window closed when they go to apply.

Obama is in the process of cutting back on military funding and has already said he would begin pulling troops out of Afghanistan June 2011.  If you were a member of the Taliban wouldn’t you pull back to the mountains until the Americans left, then reclaim the country?  The Taliban will hit and run, much like the American militia did against King George’s invading army until we pull out of Afghanistan.

If you are fearful, you have a reason to be.  The old ranchers at my local Dairy Queen told me they have never seen so much fear in the Nation as we are now facing.  Our town is not big enough for Sonic or Golden Corral.  My town has one stop light that doesn’t always work.  I personally feel a cycle of fear.  The first thing I do in the morning is clean out the Spam and then log on to Fox, Drudge and maybe one more new media site.  It’s like a slasher movie, when you think this is as bad as it can get the director takes you even deeper into the macabre. Now Obama’s #2 at DHS says he won’t take the illegals that Arizona captures.  Obama himself has labeled Arizonans as racists. How can that be when a lot of Hispanics in the state support the law. No president has racially divided America like Obama.

Let me tell you who is going to get hurt in these stupid boycotts.  Legal Hispanics who work in hotels and service jobs. I’m not talking about illegals, but people who are legally in the state. The boycotts will leave hotel rooms empty.  That means there are no beds to make or lawns to mow.  Seattle, Austin, San Diego, LA, San Francisco and a lot of small towns scattered around are hurting the people they say they are wanting to help.

Write this down. The left has no compassion. In truth the left doesn’t care about the ‘poor illegals’, the left is wanting the Hispanics to vote ‘in block’ for radical politicians this fall and Obama in 2012.

Two days ago the Dow fell 371 points.  I’m in the process of having 5 water wells drilled.  Last night I started second guessing my spending over $100,000 out of my reserve.  I might need that cash for feed or taxes on the property. I could use a new truck, but I’m holding off.  I’m frightened for our country. I’m concerned we may crash.  I see no way to stop Obama from spending. He is getting ready to push through another $200 billion spending bill.  When will this insanity stop?  I’m not sure we can make it to November.  I’ve never said this before, but we are on a fast track to socialism and the conductor is not on the train.

So much for Scott Brown. He has proved to be a RINO.  He voted with Harry Reid on the Finance Bill.  The Great White hope turned out to be a Democrat in Republican clothes.  I’m disappointed in Scott Brown.  He can forget about running for president.

My prayer is this, “Please Lord, calm my fears and comfort my restless mind.” We all need to be on our knees in prayer. Only God can save America.   Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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