I’ve Had IT With MEXICO

And we are depending on this guy to save us?


I first want to say Much Obliged to the dozens of you who are attaching my blogs to your Face Book accounts and forwarding the messages in various ways. You make me want sit up late when I’m exhausted and stumble to the keyboard. Thanks to ALL OF YOU Warriors.

This past week the US Government removed our cattle inspectors from the Northern part of Mexico. I can’t blame the United States. Staying in that part of the country is too dangerous. Most of the Texas Colleges and Universities have removed their students and teachers from Mexico due to safety reasons.  In short they didn’t want them beheaded and dumped into a barrel of acid.

With no cattle inspectors we won’t have a clue about the Mexican ticks. A few years back Mexican tick fever almost wiped out the cattle industry in Texas, with no inspectors we can expect the same to happen again.  I saw photos of some Mexican cattle covered in ticks the size of your little fingernail.  The ticks were so thick it looked like a wreath on the cows’ necks.

I’ve got to fill my vat and dip all of my animals, including my dog Bandit.  I can’t catch the barn cats.  They will have to fend for themselves.  I’m angry at Mexico for not curbing the brutal violence that is killing so many innocent people.  I’m angry, because I don’t like to put my animals through the trauma of being dipped.  It’s not like they are going for a swim in a swimming pool with aqua blue water.  The dip stings their eyes and burns their nostrils.

I’m hiring three more cowboys to help me work the cattle.  Trust me I give them a lecture about how we handle cattle.  We don’t frighten the animals by shouting and rushing our horses into them. We let them move at their lazy pace.  Nothing is gained by frightening the animals. It’s been my experience a placid, peaceful cow produces more milk and therefore raises bigger babies. With the goats I have an old Billy that leads the way.  Yes, I still have about three dozen goats.  My men love goat meat and from time to time we have a goat roping contest. I don’t mind chasing the goats, because I don’t sell them by the pound. Every pound run off the cattle is money out of my pocket.

How dare Mexican President Caldron come here and tell us how to treat illegals.  If you are a guest in his country you stand a chance of being kidnapped, robbed or murdered.  Folks, it’s safer in Iraq than Mexico.  I’ve had it with the ads Mexico is running on how safe their beach towns are.  Tell that to the parents of the 18-year-old boy who was beaten to death in Cancun over Spring Break.  Tell that to the parents of the two young girls raped, killed and stuffed in a barrel.  Tell that to the family of the San Antonio priest who was murdered and robbed in Nuevo Laredo. Tell that to the families of the dozens of American news reporters who have been kidnapped and killed because the drug cartels didn’t like what they wrote.  I’ve had it with Mexico. AND …. if you go down there you are a few brain cells short.  email: willcooper@senkarik.com

RECENTLY TAKEN IN MEXICO. These are real people beheaded in Mexico. I’ve had it with that bunch.


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